Some people play poker with rocks, some people live under rocks.

I’ve been busy, but it certainly hasn’t been busy writing.  My partner in crime and good friend @AdamNCook reminded me of this about a month ago with a tweet:

@OnAFoldDraw I used to really enjoy reading your blogs. Now they suck… Write more please.
He’s right.  This blog sucks.  It’s not so much that I ran out of shit to say as… well, gfy, it’s none of your damned bidness.  Life gets complicated, and fast.

I’ve turned over a new leaf and decided to start writing again.  Four or five Yuengling Lagers will do that to you.  I can’t promise anything special or even remotely entertaining, but I’ll do what I can.  In the meantime, get outside; shake some hands and kiss some babies.


@KimShannon talked me into getting serious about finding backers – I told her I’d do it, but she had to do most of the smile and nodding.  I’d just win the coin-flips.  Following is an e-mail to her, from me, originally posted on http://OnAFoldDraw.BlogSpot.com/

The biggest stall in me writing a FAQ Doc for you is me trying to come up with a sufficient medium.  I’ve decided upon e-mail.  All pertinent contact info can be found in my handy-dandy Signature, courtesy of the clever folx at @WiseStamp.

I started playing this silly game called “Poker” right around the same time all the other lemmings did… right after Moneymaker won the WSOP ME in ’03.  I was in the @USAirForce at the time, stationed in Oklahoma.  Those OKC boys sure do know how to gamble.  I blame my degenerate nature on them.

I learned how to pitch cards in OKC, then got an Air Force job with Pentagon and moved to the Washington, DC area.  I’ve played games in Baltimore, DC, and the casinos of Atlantic City since the Fall of ’04.  I’ve had my own game, dealt (and still do deal) for countless others, and I’ve made a name for myself as one of the best dealers in the area.

Was only a matter of time before I left the Military and tried This Poker Thing full time.  I haven’t had one of them there “real jobs” since the spring of ’06, just a few months after getting out of the Air Force in Dec ’05.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There’s only one problem with being an extremely proficient dealer: my job security provides me with the illusion that I have no need for proper bankroll management.

I am my own worst enemy at the poker table.  Just started reading @TheTommyAngelo ‘s Elements of Poker [Review], hoping it does wonders for “lopping off my C-Game.”  I didn’t get nearly 700 followers on twitter by sitting back and waiting for AA/KK in every session.  I get my ass in there and gamble, a little too often.  When I’m at the top of my game, no one wants to get in the hand with me.  When I’m at my worst, no one wants to leave the table.

I’ve splashed around in some forums, planning to do more in the coming months.
USAFTrevor2+2 (11 May ’06)
OnAFoldDrawForums.Kipin.net (17 Mar ’08)
OnAFoldDrawChipMeUp.com (8 Jan ’11)
OnAFoldDrawPokerCurious.com (12 Jan ’11)
OnAFoldDrawp5s (13 Jan ’11)
OnAFoldDrawPokerRoad.com (13 Jan ’11)
I’m sure there’s more to know about me, but most of it can be found by friending me on FaceBook or liking the self-whoring page that links to my @OnAFoldDraw twitter acct.

I have yet to take the world of online poker seriously, and before I bare my fish-a-licious soul, remember:

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

– Matthew 7:1 (paraphrased)

USAF_Trevor (Laurel, MD) [PokerStars]
USAF_Trevor (Reading, PA) [Full Tilt]

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Walked into my hotel room, clock read 1:04 and the Alarm was OFF. My first thought? `T4o?` #GambleMuch?


Poker Chips

$1/$2 NL at Harrah's Resort

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ– Three @HarrahsResort $1/$2 NL tables still standing at 4am on a Thursday morning. As I join the table, I notice the three seat chk/call his $45 stack and table QJo, board is A86 32r. The eight has top set, begins to ridicule his call. Eight’s cohort is quick to correct this faux pas, we all proceed to play poker.

An hour has gone by, I gladly stacked the eight when I over-played TPGK on a draw-heavy board and he turned out to be drawing to a boat w/ bottom-two. No worries, I dink trips on the turn and he’s drawing dead. Stop berating the fish, mother ducker.

He and his buddy leave, the three seat has since re-bought, but it is prevalent that he’s just here to splash around and have fun. He keeps mucking his BB in un-raised pots, etc. No clue. Super nice guy, but no clue.

He’s grown tired of our company, but doesn’t want to just pick up and go. He says, “Dealer, I don’t normally do this, but…”

Stands up, takes his $91 or so in reds and whites, and adds them to the $85ish that the five seat has in front of him. They’ve been playing together for a few hours, but it’s obvious that they’d never met before this session.

I’ve seen people give away chips drawing stone-dead or damned near… but this one was new to me.

Nice guy, hope he had fun.

PokerStars Turbo Takedown

$1,000,000 Turbo Takedown

The @PokerStars $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown is kind enough to save me a seat.  It’s 3,000 FPPs to play, but I played a 600 FPP SNG, won a seat.

1st place is $60,000 AND an Audi TT.  Keep the money, I really just want the car.

5,000 places paid when it’s all said and done.  For those that put up the big bucks (and $20 here and $40 there) so I could play in the @LAPokerClassic 8-Game, you’re free-rolling a stake in this… half of the LAPC deal.  Once again, I’m keeping the car.

When holding a pocket pair in NLHE, a rivered set that fills a flush or straight, is always facing said draw.


The BorgataIf Brian’s tried to teach me one thing, it’s patience. He’s also known to say “you can’t win a multi in the first level.” Not sure if it’s an original, but it’s certainly true. About to shut down the computer and head to @BorgataPoker for their $100+$20 ($15K Gtd) at 11am.

Don’t play bad poker, do it vicariously through me. If you enjoy the updates and swings, please become a fan of OnAFoldDraw on Facebook. Thanx! </egoBoost>

Glad you moved the blog to wordpress, fish.  Looks so much better, now.  …  Books are much better with pictures.

-chat w/ @EHonda500Mob

I heard we were getting snow again, but had no idea it was gonna be anything like this. Well, not until I crawled out of bed and stopped by @Tim299‘s house for some Pink Chip poker in the wee hours of Friday morning. Left Timmy’s for Bob Evans, had a quick bite to eat, was at my Dad’s in PA before 10am.

Out the Window

Doesn't do the snow justice

Here in PA, we’re not deterred by blizzards, not one bit. Some of my friends from over ten years ago were causing a raucous at a little local bar.  I crawled off the couch after 10pm and went out for a few beverages. So what if there’s already 6″ of snow on the ground and not a plow in sight? We’ve all got 4WD and grew up in this stuff.

Was nice to run into some of the folx that couldn’t quite make it to the 10-yr reunion for one reason or another. As always, I was out of bed around 8am the next day. Something about PA hangovers, I never get much sleep.

Hopped on @PokerStars_com this morning, had a hell of a day. Nothing huge in the money department, but I was batting 1.000 on my first three tournaments. I cashed in a $4 Turbo, $11R, and $5 NLHE. Acct has more than $0, I’m happy.

Heading over to my sister’s house soon, gonna devour some of the Chicken Pot Pie she made. Yummz. Probably head out later tonight, maybe visit my old friends over at the Tiki Bar. I checked facebook, they’re gonna be open. Nothing like a Hurricane to warm the soul.

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