I flew to LA for the $1K 8-Game Event (which I happened to free-roll thanx to friends that are bad at the maths).

-Me to GA Ave (from CroMagnon Jazz) in an old AIM convo.  His response follows.

(More likely, they are bad at history.)

Bicycle Deep Stack in June '10

577 Players Started the day at the DeepStack event at the Bicycle Casino in LA back in the Spring. We played down to 18. I ended the day as Chipleader.

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — More than six months later, I’m ready to play another tournament for no small amount of money.  Truth be told, I feel really good about this one.  So good, that I’m still awake five hours before it starts.  If you’re bad at math, or history, or just love to gamble… drop me a line and get in on this one.  $25 for 1%.

Worst case scenario, you get a sick sweat while I play for a share of a $250,000 Guaranteed prize pool.  Best case: we all make (a lot of) money.

  • 30,000 Chips to Start
  • 50 Minute Levels.
  • Re-entry allowed for first four levels.  (Trav is only firing one bullet at this one, folx).

For more details, check out the @BorgataPoker timeline on twitter.

I’ll be tweeting my ass off during the tournament, and a write-up is sure to follow, as I did with the 8-Game.

Goal:  Add an entry to my Poker Player Profile on

Just shy of $2.2K (in a $1/$2 NL game)

$2K in the $1/$2 NL

You really need to keep up with the tweets to get the full story.  That stack in the picture is from a @BorgataPoker $1/$2 NL game.  Yes, that’s $750 in green in one corner of the pyramid.

I am ruined for “real work.”  Why would I ever get a real job when I know I can make money hand-over-fist by running like god and playing slightly above the rim?  Took a short break, got a little nap, went back downstairs, picked up another $2K in $1/$2 NL and some $5/$10 NL.

Will and I are checked-in to @HarrahsResort right now, probably gonna play some more at the B later.  Now: nap.

Listening to DMB’s “So Much to Say” while I’m trying to think of a few words to throw out of my brain and onto the screen. Been in AC since midnight Thurs, playing $1/$2 NL off-and-on with the occasional sanity break.

Borgata Living Room

My view while playing the WBCOOP 8-Game

I’m poised for disaster, horrendously under-rolled and constantly contemplating corporate commitment. Throughout the past 18 hours I’ve been arr-rin vs a 3-outer, +$1,250 at one point, and watching $800+ pots fly away to 9-out rivers.

As I type, I’m in the @BorgataAC Living Room, about to play the 8-Game Event of the 2010 @PokerStars_Com World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP). It’s free, but 1st place is a $1K SCOOP ticket, and the bragging rights are boku.

I was up a little more than $400 in the @BorgataPoker $1/$2 NL game, felt like it was a good time to take a break and re-group.

I’m such a sheep when it comes to blogging, and of all people, @EHonda500Mob is my shepherd. I had moved content over here months ago, but now that E is blogging again, I figured I should, too. Peer pressure.

On that note, I got a nice kick-in-the-pants from Alex Outhred on twitter:

@OnAFoldDraw your post-hand failure recognition is outstanding. As soon as u start applying it during the hand… #[D]uckAWhoops. GL yeaux.

Good looking out.

Ooh, @PokerGrump is at my table for the 8-Game tournament.  This should be fun.

Every player who final tabled @BorgataPoker Event 14: $350+$50 Stud was guaranteed a minimum of 2.5:1 on their $400 investment. Luck into the top three, and you’re looking at 11:1 and better.

Chet, Mike, and Tony were solid stud players, NOT their first rodeo. Jimmy was playing tight and right all tournament. John “JW” Womack had a bracelet on his wrist from taking down an event in Tunica (PLO?).

But, we were all having a pretty good time. Cracking jokes, telling stories, laughing about the $13,700 first place on the line.

Chet has been playing in the casinos for years on end. He gave us some tongue-in-cheek strategy for beating the Atlantic City cash games.

“When you’re stuck, play until you get even. If you’re winning a good amount for the day, go home with the win.”

It’s alot harder than it sounds. I lived it soon after landing in LA Friday afternoon. Played like total ASS in the $30/$60 Stud. I could think of about 30 times where I put a Big Bet in the pot knowing it wasn’t coming back to me.

Do this at $2/$4 LHE, and you’re out $120. In this stud game… we’re talking two $900 buy-ins.

Good thing I removed my cranium from my rectum and began to play a much more solid game. (Snapping off the locals with a few thin draws put me in a better mood, too).

I’m such a donkey. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Just woke up from a little nap, probably head back downstairs in the next hour or so.

From: Washington, DC and outside Reading, PA
When: Fri 9 Feb 2007 – Sun 11 Feb 2007
Bloggable Attendees:

I was at my sister’s place in PA for the Holiday Season and she mentioned that she’d like to check out Aaron Lewis of Staind if she ever got the chance. Turns out he’s gonna be at The Borgata that weekend.

So… I got her some tickets, and told her if she twisted my arm, I’d somehow find a way to get up there that weekend and hook her up with a hotel room.

Haven’t been up in a long time. Of course, this blog misses a few chances to be true to life, but I really haven’t been in a while, ain’t like it used to be.