If you ‘liked’ http://www.facebook.com/OnAFoldDraw, you would have already seen this message.

Hello friends, followers, and fellow degenerates. The powers that be over at ChipMeUp.com have put me on RESTRICTED status because they’re convinced I’m a dirty-rotten scam artist.

You spend one night in a bathroom stall in Atlantic City and everyone thinks you’re dirty for the rest of eternity? WTF?

I’m trying to shove a deep run right down their throats on Sunday afternoon. If you’ve got the time, sweat me on Full Tilt. I’m USAF_Trevor. The tournament ID is 207 316 982.

If you feel so inclined, go right ahead and create a ChipMeUp acct and show show some support.

As always, http://twitter.com/OnAFoldDraw is the best place to go for updates. I’ll see y’all when I see ya. Thanx for the sweat!


Location:Full Tilt Poker
Time:2:00PM Sunday, January 16th