@KimShannon talked me into getting serious about finding backers – I told her I’d do it, but she had to do most of the smile and nodding.  I’d just win the coin-flips.  Following is an e-mail to her, from me, originally posted on http://OnAFoldDraw.BlogSpot.com/

The biggest stall in me writing a FAQ Doc for you is me trying to come up with a sufficient medium.  I’ve decided upon e-mail.  All pertinent contact info can be found in my handy-dandy Signature, courtesy of the clever folx at @WiseStamp.

I started playing this silly game called “Poker” right around the same time all the other lemmings did… right after Moneymaker won the WSOP ME in ’03.  I was in the @USAirForce at the time, stationed in Oklahoma.  Those OKC boys sure do know how to gamble.  I blame my degenerate nature on them.

I learned how to pitch cards in OKC, then got an Air Force job with Pentagon and moved to the Washington, DC area.  I’ve played games in Baltimore, DC, and the casinos of Atlantic City since the Fall of ’04.  I’ve had my own game, dealt (and still do deal) for countless others, and I’ve made a name for myself as one of the best dealers in the area.

Was only a matter of time before I left the Military and tried This Poker Thing full time.  I haven’t had one of them there “real jobs” since the spring of ’06, just a few months after getting out of the Air Force in Dec ’05.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  There’s only one problem with being an extremely proficient dealer: my job security provides me with the illusion that I have no need for proper bankroll management.

I am my own worst enemy at the poker table.  Just started reading @TheTommyAngelo ‘s Elements of Poker [Review], hoping it does wonders for “lopping off my C-Game.”  I didn’t get nearly 700 followers on twitter by sitting back and waiting for AA/KK in every session.  I get my ass in there and gamble, a little too often.  When I’m at the top of my game, no one wants to get in the hand with me.  When I’m at my worst, no one wants to leave the table.

I’ve splashed around in some forums, planning to do more in the coming months.
USAFTrevor2+2 (11 May ’06)
OnAFoldDrawForums.Kipin.net (17 Mar ’08)
OnAFoldDrawChipMeUp.com (8 Jan ’11)
OnAFoldDrawPokerCurious.com (12 Jan ’11)
OnAFoldDrawp5s (13 Jan ’11)
OnAFoldDrawPokerRoad.com (13 Jan ’11)
I’m sure there’s more to know about me, but most of it can be found by friending me on FaceBook or liking the self-whoring page that links to my @OnAFoldDraw twitter acct.

I have yet to take the world of online poker seriously, and before I bare my fish-a-licious soul, remember:

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

– Matthew 7:1 (paraphrased)

USAF_Trevor (Laurel, MD) [PokerStars]
USAF_Trevor (Reading, PA) [Full Tilt]

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