I flew to LA for the $1K 8-Game Event (which I happened to free-roll thanx to friends that are bad at the maths).

-Me to GA Ave (from CroMagnon Jazz) in an old AIM convo.  His response follows.

(More likely, they are bad at history.)

Bicycle Deep Stack in June '10

577 Players Started the day at the DeepStack event at the Bicycle Casino in LA back in the Spring. We played down to 18. I ended the day as Chipleader.

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — More than six months later, I’m ready to play another tournament for no small amount of money.  Truth be told, I feel really good about this one.  So good, that I’m still awake five hours before it starts.  If you’re bad at math, or history, or just love to gamble… drop me a line and get in on this one.  $25 for 1%.

Worst case scenario, you get a sick sweat while I play for a share of a $250,000 Guaranteed prize pool.  Best case: we all make (a lot of) money.

  • 30,000 Chips to Start
  • 50 Minute Levels.
  • Re-entry allowed for first four levels.  (Trav is only firing one bullet at this one, folx).

For more details, check out the @BorgataPoker timeline on twitter.

I’ll be tweeting my ass off during the tournament, and a write-up is sure to follow, as I did with the 8-Game.

Goal:  Add an entry to my Poker Player Profile on BluffMagazine.com