Battle of the Bloggers
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I’ve been playing in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 5 (BBT5) on Full Tilt Poker, thanx to a generous invitation from Sir @AlCantHang.

I’m honored to be one of the 100 or so folx invited, along side with @_Otis_, @Change100, @RealDawnSummers, @MicheleLewis, @WriterJen… WSOP Main Event Final Tablists @LeeChilds and Jim McManus are also on the roster… and then there’s this donkey… me.

Super cool.  Thank you again to Al and to Tilt for such a fun tournament!  The final Invitational event is Sunday at 7PM Eastern – I’ll be playing as USAF_Trevor, looking for my 4th Final Table in 6 weeks!