Walked into my hotel room, clock read 1:04 and the Alarm was OFF. My first thought? `T4o?` #GambleMuch?


Poker Chips

$1/$2 NL at Harrah's Resort

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ– Three @HarrahsResort $1/$2 NL tables still standing at 4am on a Thursday morning. As I join the table, I notice the three seat chk/call his $45 stack and table QJo, board is A86 32r. The eight has top set, begins to ridicule his call. Eight’s cohort is quick to correct this faux pas, we all proceed to play poker.

An hour has gone by, I gladly stacked the eight when I over-played TPGK on a draw-heavy board and he turned out to be drawing to a boat w/ bottom-two. No worries, I dink trips on the turn and he’s drawing dead. Stop berating the fish, mother ducker.

He and his buddy leave, the three seat has since re-bought, but it is prevalent that he’s just here to splash around and have fun. He keeps mucking his BB in un-raised pots, etc. No clue. Super nice guy, but no clue.

He’s grown tired of our company, but doesn’t want to just pick up and go. He says, “Dealer, I don’t normally do this, but…”

Stands up, takes his $91 or so in reds and whites, and adds them to the $85ish that the five seat has in front of him. They’ve been playing together for a few hours, but it’s obvious that they’d never met before this session.

I’ve seen people give away chips drawing stone-dead or damned near… but this one was new to me.

Nice guy, hope he had fun.