On the way to $1.2K

On the way to $1.2K

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — In the @HarrahsResort $1/$2 NL for two relatively short buy-ins ($100+$215). Ever since I put the second one on the table, I’d been running over the table. There was one hand where this kid decided to open/4-bet-shove w/ AQ from UTG… and he snapped-off my KK for a $200 pot, but other than that, I was doing fine.

Same guy opens from EP. I 3-bet after one caller, he shady-calls, short-stack shoves for less than a full raise, roughly $120 in the middle going to the A54r flop.

Now, damnit, usually my memory is stellar when it comes to matters like this, but I can’t remember if I bet the frop or not. I’d have to guess that no, I didn’t. There are too many times where I bet w/ position and show-down value and curse myself for getting c/r’d off the best hand.

I know for a fact that I definitely did bet the turn when he checked. At this point, there’s $120 in the main pot and maybe $60 in the side pot. Slim possibility that I bet more than 1/4 pot on the turn, but it’s tough to piece it together.

On the river, this genius decides to shove his remaining $170ish into the pot. All I could think was, “That don’t make no sense.” Board is A54 9 9 (no frush). If he had tagged an Ace he would’ve lead at frop/turn or c/r’d my turn bet, just a theory. When the board pairs on the river, I’m convinced that he’s got JJ/TT and is trying to take down the side pot, maybe accidentally win the main. If he has 55/44 (or some freak ace) he’s not value-shoving, he’s micro-value-betting, just his fishalicious style.

I’ve got two queens. The ace on the board might as well be a seventeen of purple horseshoes. As far I’m concerned, it’s irrelevant, he doesn’t have the ace. I say aloud, “Aight, you’ve out-played me, Sir.” And I call his shove.

He tables pocket threes. Hmm. To be honest, if a trey or deuce had rolled off on the river – I might’ve paid that, too, but doubt he’d’ve gone for a shove, so it would’ve been a different story.

This is where I don’t divulge all of my thought process to the table and I simply say things like “I can’t even fold a napkin” or “If you never fold, you can never get bluffed!”

The arr-rin short-stack did not have me beat, I won the whole pot. Finished that session $1.2K/$315. Good times.