Listening to DMB’s “So Much to Say” while I’m trying to think of a few words to throw out of my brain and onto the screen. Been in AC since midnight Thurs, playing $1/$2 NL off-and-on with the occasional sanity break.

Borgata Living Room

My view while playing the WBCOOP 8-Game

I’m poised for disaster, horrendously under-rolled and constantly contemplating corporate commitment. Throughout the past 18 hours I’ve been arr-rin vs a 3-outer, +$1,250 at one point, and watching $800+ pots fly away to 9-out rivers.

As I type, I’m in the @BorgataAC Living Room, about to play the 8-Game Event of the 2010 @PokerStars_Com World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP). It’s free, but 1st place is a $1K SCOOP ticket, and the bragging rights are boku.

I was up a little more than $400 in the @BorgataPoker $1/$2 NL game, felt like it was a good time to take a break and re-group.

I’m such a sheep when it comes to blogging, and of all people, @EHonda500Mob is my shepherd. I had moved content over here months ago, but now that E is blogging again, I figured I should, too. Peer pressure.

On that note, I got a nice kick-in-the-pants from Alex Outhred on twitter:

@OnAFoldDraw your post-hand failure recognition is outstanding. As soon as u start applying it during the hand… #[D]uckAWhoops. GL yeaux.

Good looking out.

Ooh, @PokerGrump is at my table for the 8-Game tournament.  This should be fun.