“Hi, my name is Reality. You may not recognize me, after all this gambling and spending money like it’s going out of style… Just wanted to stop by and remind you that internet romance is sooooo 1998, and all women are evil.”

Well, maybe not all of them, my sister has her good moments.

@FiveFingerz reminded me that everything happens for a reason. If not for this heart-wrenching calamity, I never would’ve found the Mecca that is @CommerceCasino. For the time being, I’ll just pretend like it doesn’t bother me. Yeah, that’ll go over grrreat!

Speaking of my sister:

Thursday was my Mother’s Birthday. Tried to reach her on her cell, standard no answer. Called my sister at work to chit-chat, wanted to get Mom’s current home phone number. Does it make me a bad son that I didn’t already have the number? Maybe. As it turns out, I did have it, just wasn’t sure if it was correct.

Now, my sister is 26 years old, married, with a degree in Occupational Therapy. She’s an OT in Berks County, not a cocktail waitress in Vegas. So, when I call her at work, and the receptionist tells me, “Is this an emergency? We don’t put personal calls through,” I almost went ballistic.

For a brief fleeting moment, I actually thought I might be getting my sister in trouble. In hindsight – WTF kind of nerve does that little desk-jockey have telling me when I can and can’t call my sister at work?

Flying to LA in the morning. Batting 1.000 in the $30/$60 Stud game out there, hope to maintain.