I’ve been talking to this girl (@SlantdNEnchantd) since the middle of July. We would chat every day. I don’t mean “almost” every day, or “it felt like” every day. I’m talking about… never more than 18 hours of silence. When I went a full day without hearing from her, I knew something was wrong. Two, three, four days… big problem.

Friday night we were scheduled to meet at @CommerceCasino. I had dinner reservations, big bouquet of flowers, stopped by the salon and had my beard trimmed up, hands and feet done… the works. I almost went and bought some nice clothes that had never seen the inside of a poker room.

Coming down to the wire, I still hadn’t heard from her. I began to listen to too many family members and concerned-enough friends when they insisted on cold feet as the reason. I felt betrayed and once again all alone, but in the back of my mind, still held out hope that there was another explanation.

One of my friends from high school moved out to LA and lives 10 miles away from Commerce. She joined me for dinner and we caught up on old times, chatted about the crazy new lifestyles we were both leading far and away from Berks County, PA.

Saturday, we had plans to get me out of the casino and onto the beach. Transportation, hangovers, and a juicy $30/$60 Stud game made it difficult. Around sunset, I managed to quit the game and head over to my friend’s house. Her license is expired, she has yet to fully master the ways of the Cali DMV, so we opted for Yogurtland over booze. A little after midnight, she and some roommates passed out in her room, I fell asleep on the couch watching TV.

I had to pinch myself and do a triple-take when I saw an e-mail on my phone from Leslie. She got into a car wreck on Tuesday afternoon. She’s alive, but far from a clean bill of health.

tues afternoon i was in a car wreck w/ my bro. bro was fine, I was not. had concussion, bruised ribs, cracked ribs, fractured wrist, shattered elbow, cracked my breast plate, contusions from head to toe, among other things.

I stood up off the couch, cleared my head, told my friend Tiff about the e-mail, and went outside to call the woman I’m crazy in love with, whom I hadn’t heard from in over four days. She had left me her brother’s phone number in the e-mail.

She’s in a tough spot right now. She wants to see me, but doesn’t want me to see her in a body cast. The $30/$60 Stud game at Commerce is pure heaven for me, think I might go back every weekend until she’s ready.

Oh, and in case you weren’t following on twitter – I had an extremely profitable trip to Atlantic City, including final-tabling a $350+$50 Stud event, getting almost 25:1 on my buy-in.