“Hi, my name is Bank Roll Management, I’m sure you know my friend, Variance. He showed up today and thought we should have a talk. At the very least, send Game Selection a text msg, he’s been trying to reach you.”

What a week. Short version: I have $1K less cash on me than when I got to AC, but my bank acct is over $5K healthier.

Recent disasters:

Went to @BorgataPoker this afternoon for some $5/$10 NL. They opened up a new $10/$20 NL game, I got sat in a short-handed $5/$10 NL must-move. Bunch of $10/$20 guys were waiting for a seat in their game, sitting in ours.

Not an easy game. Not like the weekend. Oy.

Bought in for $1K, dusted that off with all too much ease. Rebought $2K – in a bad game. Great idea, Trav.

End of the story involves me moving to the main game. Lots of regulars/rocks. I run JJ into QQ, value-bet myself out of $500 (into ~$685) on the TT2 T 2 board on the river.


I have QQ and open for $35 after a limper or two. No less than four callers before guy on my right limp-laises $80 more. I put $200 black out there ($120 more to him). Heads-up to Th9h4d flop. He chk/calls $425 into $610ish. $1,460 in the middle, he chk/calls my $905 all-in shove on turn.

What pissed me off – he was never folding on the turn. Finally calls. I show QhQx, ask “Any good?”

He waits until the diamond Ace rolls off on the river to show AhKh.

Atleast I didn’t rebuy.