From *legendary* @RealDawnSummers:

Can I just say @onafolddraw is my hero. Does anyone play as much poker as he does and tweet about it so comprehensively? #betternmypokerblog

5:06 PM Aug 10th from web

Thx.  My response was along the lines of, “Sadly, I’m tweeting much better than I’m playing right now.”  Head over to @OnAFoldDraw, scroll back to Monday Night’s debacle at @BorgataPoker for a recap of being in the table for almost $500, running it down to $12… running that $12 back up over $900… and back down to $200…


In summary:  I took a $5K upswing in a week, and then a $4K downswing.  And then picked up $800 last night playing a game I was spota deal.

Thanx for reading, I’ll be around.