Where did I leave off?

“I’ve got 13 more hours in Las Vegas, here’s hoping I don’t do anything drastically damaging to my bankroll.”

If I remember correctly, I behaved well after this post.  I took a little nap and then went downstairs to look for a $10/$20 Omaha H/L game.  There was a tournament running, only games with a seat open were nosebleed stakes, save for a $20/$40 BOTE game.  The fact that I am teh suck at Badugi and $20/$40 is a big high could’ve easily prevented me from sitting in this game.  It’s an eight-max table, and when you’re paying $30/round in blinds, you’d better make it or fake it when it comes to getting dealt hands.

I eventually decided that $30 in blinds would be much cheaper than running a 4-street bluff for 3.5 big bets ($140).  So I waited for a hand.  Eventually, AJ77 with one flush draw began to look like AA23 double sooted.  After I showed down my A7 for low, the eight seat did a double-take, as if to say, “You waited all this time to play THAT crap?”

I was happy as a [insert analogy here] to hear a new Omaha game open up.  I ran fast and far away from the $20/$40 BOTE having suffered a very minor flesh wound of only a little over 1.5 big bets (-$65).  Sat with $300 in the Omaha and it wasn’t long before I was looking down at more than $1,200 in front of me.

My failproof strategy:  consume mass quantities of Vodka and Redbull.

Gaping hole in strategy:  the mass quantities.

Left the table stuck a little over $100.  Didn’t help that one of my last hands I folded to one bet on the river after bricking with OESD/FD – pot was over $500.

To make a long story less long – I left Vegas with a profit (I couldn’t believe it, either).  Found myself in Atlantic City later that week on Friday Night.  More to come on that later.

Please provide your favorite fill-in-the-analogies in the comments section.