Today is Monday.  I was born on a Monday, 28 years ago, today.  I didn’t have much money then, either.  My parents moved into their first house no more than a week before I was born.  Spent the first 20 years of my life in that house.  About six weeks before my 20th Birthday, I decided to leave PSU Berks for the Wild Blue Yonder.  Did my fourth and final summer of working six-night weeks at the Tiki Bar, made it through 9/11/2001, attended Clark [FB] & Lisa [FB]‘s Wedding, then left for Basic Training six weeks later.  My mother lost her shit regarding me, the military, and mass chaos.

I have changed jobs, reorganized living arrangements, and made countless new acquaintances since Thanksgiving, 2001. 

Why stop now?

The beginning of 2009 has been a mother fucker.  Jamaica was certainly the highlight of the year.  Runner-up to my cousin’s wedding to his beautiful bride would have to be winning the ATLarge mixed game tournament.  I feel as if I haven’t won a hand of poker since that day.  That is of course gross hyperbole, but it sure does feel that way.

I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paula lately and it reflects in my play and in my blogging.  About 50 weeks ago, I was parousing Dan Michalski[FB]‘s and came across an ad for a room for rent in a condo out in Las Vegas, NV.

A week before responding to the cL ad, I just so happened to beat the fuck out of Biloxi, MS for about $10K in a week and the Borgata $5/$10 NL for an add’l $3k, AND the Harrah’s Blackjack pit for $4K.  This $17K comeuppance all took place in less than 10 ten days.  Oh, how I miss those ten days.  A year later, and I wonder how in the hell I ever got there, and moreso how I strayed so far away.

Michalski ( @pokerati ) commented on a blog post of mine and it made me re-read a few of my posts from the current year.  The title that struck me was Best Play is to Not Play.  I was talking to Jason[FB] when I said that the first time, but now it’s time to take my own advice.  I’m unofficially putting down the crackpipe that is poker live poker until 6 June 2009.  Why that date?  Funny story, I’ll tell ya later, likely on that day.

Re: poker – I’ve got W$18 on PStars and a Step 2 Ticket.  And $0.07.  But I’m not sure that’ll go very far.