$1/$2 NL @ the apartment, wee hours of a Tues Morning. Game is maybe five or seven handed, I'm in the box and Kendrick is playing in the one seat.

One of our newer players, Rondale, said she was only gonna play a few more hands, then had to head home. She had about a rack of red in front of her, seated in the ten.

Keon's buddy "Millionaire Bill" was in the three seat and had shown up well after midnight.

Bear in mind that this was almost a month ago, so some of the details are fuzzy. I'm pretty sure it was limped about four or five ways pre-flop.

Board was 9d8h6h. Kenny raised Rondale's small lead-out up to $15. Bill made it $40 and Rondale went up to $80. Kenny bowed out and Billy then made it $180.


Rondale calls. Checks the non-heart King on the turn. Bill shoves, covering her $350+ remaining stack.

She asks, "Anybody got a quarter?" She flips the coin. I frink it came up tails. "Fuck it, I call."

Before Bill flips up his cards, he asks if she wants to take a deal. The pot is well over $1,000…

The reason the pot got so big is because Bill THOUGHT he flopped a straight with 75. Problem at hand: those sevens and jacks look alot alike in the heat of the moment. He turns up his Jc5c, only six outs against her Qh9h. Half the table is quick to tell him,

"You don't have a str-"

But, I don't like to waste time with dramatics. Before they can finish berating him, telling him KJ9865 is not a straight…

I burn and peel off the river. Naturally, it's a non-heart seven. They just got done telling him he doesn't have a straight. I usually keep hand-related commentary out of the box, but on this one I had to say, "You do, now."