$5/$10NL at the Borgata on a Friday Night. Well over $25,000 spread across the table. UTG has been playing and raising a large percentage of his pf and successfully c-betting post-flop. He has over $4K going into the hand and opens for a somewhat larger-than-normal raise to $60.

One fold. UTG+2 is here to make money, not gamble. He three-bets it to $200 straight with another $2,740 behind. Three people fold behind him, including this fish (me).

The player in the cut-off IS here to gambool and calls the $200 cold with about $900 behind.

The button is an older gentleman, hasn't taken a flop since Moses wore short pants, and knows UTG+2 is no slouch. He four-bets to $700, he's got $1,015 behind.

The blinds want no piece of this… but UTG decides to call the $700 cold. UTG+2 rips it in for an add'l $2,240. There's $700 x 3 + $200 + the $15 in blinds in the middle… before the $2.2K raise.

Button contemplates. Folds. UTG takes his sweet-ass time to fold QQ face-up. AA is shown, unnecessarily – and it's not hard to believe button had KK and laid it down.

I love poker.