The last time Billy came to AC [T.R. Delayed], he found himself with three purple chips in his hand… and he was just barely even.  I channeled his energy just a few moments ago.  We checked into Bally’s a little after 1300 and by 1400 I had confirmed that my interwebs was working and I was on my way downstairs to kill some time.

They have Blackjack in Atlantic City, did you know that?

I just wanted to play a little $10 game, just to kill some time and build some comps.

All the $10 tables were full.  Oh, look, a wide-open $25 table!  Here’s a bright idea… let’s play three hands at once, for a little more than the table minimum.

Bought in for $550 and it was down to just over three bets after that first shoe of death.  Rebought $400 more (in the table for $950) and vowed to never play again… until the next time.

Ran like a Kenyan for that second shoe and found myself sitting on $750 and change.  All of the sudden, I was showing a $150+ profit.

Not even half an hour had passed, and I had eeked-out a $30 (one bet) win.  The shoe was over.  I temporarily regained sanity, threw a $20 on the table, and asked for color.  I had $993 in chips (tipped $2 for my bottle of water).  I tipped the nice dealer $13, and ran far far away with my two purple chips.

Some civilians think $60 / hour is a healthy wage.  Well, good luck keeping the pace.