At the end of Just to Get the Game Started, I might’ve closed with:

I’d have to check my updates on my FaceBook profile to figure out the times when I was thriving and when I was starving.  Highlight reel in the next post, will include KK < QQ for almost $600 pre-flop, each.  Also, AK vs JJ as the finale.

The middle of the story has me getting $500 for a THIRD time and later thinking of Ali when I tell Jeff, “the bank will be open soon, pls just give me another $700.”

And yeah, the whole time I’m thinking about Jamaica, and unspeakable disasters that we were trying to avoid.

It’s 0730 on a Friday morning in Baltimore. The Sun is up, but I’ll never get visual confirmation on this day. I’ve just stacked-off, stuck $1,800 in a $2/$5 NL game. A game that I was supposed to deal. I pull out a trick I learned from my friend Ali and tell the house man, “The bank will be open soon, pls give me another $700 and I’ll go to the bank to get the full amount when the game breaks.”

I didn’t have that $700 for more than two hands before I flopped a pair and a flush draw and got it all-in on the flop, and doubled through a big stack. If I remember correctly, I hit the flush on the turn, and two pair on the river, just to show off.

All of the sudden, I had hope. I was sitting on a little over $1.6K, paid $300 of my $2.5K board, and could quit now “only” stuck six hundred add’l dollars. What’s the fun in that?

I sent Billy a wake-up txt. Upon his reply, I came back with, “Got a coupla grand to spare?” He knows I’d do the same for him. Wasn’t long before he stopped by with $2K in crisp clean Benjis. I paid all but $200 of the money I owed to the house and felt like I had a new lease on luck.

Before Billy could get on 895, I looked down to KK. Same guy that I doubled-through had opened for a raise. I three-bet, he four-bet, we got the rest of his $597 all-in pre-flop… with me covering.

I didn’t have a diamond, he did. Flop was two of ’em. Turn, another. Well, fiddlesticks. 4:1 Favorite Pre-flop against his QQ. 33:11 (3:1) going to the river.

He got there. I winced, but didn’t cry. Still had around $1K in front.

People ask me how the 30-hour session went and I like to re-cap by saying, “I played terribly bad to get stuck $2.5K. I played great to get even by the 20th-24th hour. And I got sick lucky to come out with a big win.”

A logical human being would’ve bounced outta the joint the second they approached evenness. But, back up the tractor – how would logic lead one to get in this situation in the first place?

No sense growing a brain now. I kept playing. From scared and stuck, I switched to even, big-stacked, and invincible. Next thing you know, it’s limped to my button and I’m making it $45, getting two callers.

Flop comes out QJ2, couple hearts, and I bet $100 into $150 after both of my opponents limp-called pre-flop and checked on the flop. #2 decides to put up a struggle, he check-min-raises.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

I smell weakness. He’s got about $620 left in his stack. I went into the hand with well over $2K. I grab a big ol’ stack of quarters and le-laise $275 more. He thinks for a good forty seconds, finally folds.

I wipe the psuedo sweat off my brow while exposing pocket threes.

Now that I feel like I can win any pot I play, I set up the table for the worst bad beat I can remember ever giving. $2/$5 NL w/ a $10 straddle. At least two people called the $10. I limp from the cut-off. Small-blind pops it to $50.

By the time it gets to me, there’s $250 in the pot if I just call, so I make it $250 more. Rather unexpectedly, the small-blind calls. The big blind comes along for the ride, and the UTG player has a few shillings short of the bet, he’s all-in pre-flop. One player all-in and three live ones to the flop.

Well over $1,100 out there. Small blind has over $1,600 in front, BB has over $1K, and I’ve got over $2.5K.

Jack, Nine, Five. Check, Check.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

I smell a trap. Fuck ’em. They can only call if they trapped me with a set, or wanna get real ign’ant and call off their stacks w/ an unimproved pair of kings or queens.

“I’m all-in.”

My brain was thinking it. My mouth said it. My hands put three stacks of green in the middle. But I had a hard time believing I just made such a donkeriffic bet. Better believe my heart skipped a beat when the small-blind failed to fold, and instead said, “Ike Hall.”

Big Al was sitting between the two of us and I said, “I don’t know how I’m gonna get outta this one, Al.” Before I can finish my speech, he turns up the nuts. Top set of jacks – and I turn up AIR. Drawing next to dead…

Until the queen rolls off on the turn.

Roughly $4.5K in the middle, I’ve gone from < 2% on the flop to all of the sudden having four outs with my AKo. Well, two outs – if you believe the big blind when he says he folded pocket tens.

The room exploded when that beautiful ten rolled off on the river. I gave the dealer six green $25 chips as a tip and said that their next dinner out was on moi, and that runner-runner.

After this hand I still managed to pick up another coupla hunnert. It was sick how they all kept hemorrhaging money in my direction after I got that lucky.

It was a shame the game broke, because they hated me so much that I got a guy to call-down my $65/$165/$350 flop-turn-river bets when he held QQ and the board red A94 7 T.

All said and done, I cashed out two racks of green, a rack of red, and three more hunnert on top of that… after paying that last $200 I owed.

Billy got his $2K back later that night (he was there playing pink). I even bought him dinner the next day as a thankee.

Moral of the story – if a Degenerate asks you for a few thousand dollars on short notice… it’s no joke, and you’re likely to get a free meal out of the deal.