Came up to PA on Wednesday Morning and now I’ve got to get off my ass and head down to the SHOP to run the Micro-Stakes Poker game.  Been busy upgrading FftD to the newest version of YaBB, task complete, can head South now.

If you’re looking for a game tonight, drop me a txt/call.  $50 Min buy, $750 Max.  NLHE w/ an Ante.  Should be fun.

[Preceeding was previously mis-posted on – won’t be the last time that happens.  That which follows is an attempt to re-cap the status of the Micro-Stakes Poker Game.]

Small blind, big blind, ante.  Cards on the table, bets to made… check, raise, fold… in the end, it’s just like poker.  Pops has given me free reign on the structure of the game at his place on Saturday Nights and it’s been quite the experiment.

We hit a few snags on the first game and tried to remedy the situation with the second.  After two trials, a third solution is in the works, new format to be announced in very near future.

Thank you all for coming out to give it the ol’ college try.