Those that have played on the home game circuit know that the loosest players at the table generally are dealers and the "floor." The money coming off the table arguably doesn't end up in their pockets because of the ever-present rake-back and tip-back programs. Easy come, easy go.

The house-guys at the $5/$10 NL game are no strangers to being stuck five digits in a single session, each. It's sickening. But every once in a while, luck smiles upon them.

Player in the three is in EP and limps in for $10. Five seat opens for $100. Six calls cold, as do the Big Blind and another player. $505 in the middle if the three just calls, he instead opts to put his last $585 in the middle. All remaining players have effective stacks of $1,700.

Five and six seat both call, they go check/check on all streets. Final board is J86 T 4, rainbow. Three seat turns up AK.

Muck. Muck. Ship it.

Next hand, he straddles $50 UTG and picks up $100 after two players limp and don't call his $250 raise pf.

Couple hands later he calls a raise pf and a small c-bet on the flop, gets a free river… and is offered $1,250:$175 w/ a rivered set of sevens on a board where any eight would make a straight…

Bet, calll… he calls the $175 and wins against TPTK (bet) and TPOC (call).

We only deal in 45 minute shifts and within that shift he also got into a hand where two limped, he popped $90 on top from the small blind, and three of them took a TT9r flop.

Check-through the flop, five on the turn. $200 bet, called, raised to $600, called, h/u to the river.

$1,710 in the middle. Small blind insta-shoves when an ace rolls off. Late position player covers and has been destroying the table all night long.

LP calls with flopped trips. SB has tens full of aces, was ahead on every street. As I started typing this he had roughly $3K in black $100 chips and another $3K in green $25s. All in a 45-minute shift. Sick.

Seat open.