Got invited to a self-deal/un-raked $1/$2 NL game. First five people to get chips bought in for the $300 max. I just got $100 to test the waters. Wasn't long before everyone agreed that the game would move faster if I just dealt every hand.

Put a bad beat on a few people and they start to think twice. Player opened for $7, I made it $23, one players calls the $23 cold from the sb/bb – original raiser le-laises $100 more. I thought for sure it was going to be three way action and I'd get better odds to gamble from way behind.

Guy shows KK after player in the blinds drops out. Flop is 652, one club. Turn ten, river, Ace. AcTc > KK.

Not long before I get it all-in on a JT8 5 board w/ a set vs flopped nuts… pair the board on the river.

Holy crap, I got chips.

Guy makes it $7, three of us to the J85 flop, I call the $30 (that was bet into ~$23) and player in late position raises to $80. Original bettor/flop leader, he just calls. I raise all-in. LP folds. Player w/ KK and $205 behind, calls. Turn pairs the fives on board, river is the Ace of spades. I turn up 76ss for the nothing-funner, runner-runner frush.

Three times now I got all the $$ in way behind and I'm sitting on $800.

I later set-over-set a guy on a 752r flop and he never raises me. Not the $45 bet on flop, $100 on turn, nor the $175 on the river.

This is when I should've just left.

I've got over $1130 in front, open for $6. LP le-laises to $15. Five to flop. 982r. We all check to the pf raiser and he bets $30 into $75. I c/r with five green and a red. Raiser says "raise."

He just so happens to be the only other player at the table whom not only has over $700, but has me covered.

He raises $375 on top. $335 in the middle if he just calls.

I… am all-in… with nut top-set…

This mother fucker says, "I got alot of outs, I call." Turns up his KK and looks like a genius when the two-out King rolls off on the turn.

Forget rebuying. I went the hell home.