$5/$10 NL. $40 live straddle UTG. Jesse Chinni is UTG+1 and puts the live $80 on it. Three from the field call the $80 cold, UTG ponders, completes the $80 after sb/bb call. Jesse pops it $275 more, effective stacks are about $5K going into the hand.

No less than six players to the flop for $355. Td8h6h. (~$1,975 in there). Checks around. Turn, Ace of diamonds – two diamonds, two hearts on board. Checks to Jesse, he bets $825, player in LP calls, BB calls, three players to the river.

Over $4,400 in the middle, board is T86A3, diamonds full of hearts. BB, over $4K in front, after much deliberation, checks.

Jesse takes a second look at his cards, puts his last ten chips in the pot.

LP player asks for a confirmation of the bet size. Three of those ten chips are $1K canaries. $3,035. LP covers BB (and Jesse). After some serious thought, he folds. BB wastes little time in folding, but says something to the tune of, "I wish I had bet out $3K, then I win."

Jesse rakes in the pot, tells him this is probably a true statement… and he can't resist showing his cards to the UTG player.

Of course, almost the whole table erupts with, "Show one, show all!"


I guess that's how you make final tables at the WSOP.