The other night at the $1/$2 NL game, Kendrick says to me, “How much you pay for the tickets to that roller coaster ride?”  Should come as no surprise that I may be playing $5/$10 NL one day and wondering how I’m gonna scrape up a few bucks for the dollar menu the next.

I would never suggest that this a good thing, but it sure does make for an excellent cardiac workout.

In January ’08, I was *surprise* broke.  I was fortunate enough to find an extra dealing gig, and next thing I knew I was working five to six nights each week, barely had any time to play.  When I did play, I had a great cushion to fall back on, so I actually played well.  Without fear, at least.

It started as somewhat of a New Year’s Resolution, to actually track where all the money goes (and where it comes from).  Much like the blog, any time I would run bad for an extended period of time, the record keeping would suffer or end all together.

And then came that Vegas Trip [writer shudders].

Coming back from Vegas I was worse than broke, I owed.  Multiple people.  In the past few weeks, I managed to erase all that debt and once again start making my own money.  That was, until my sister up and got married near the end of September.  I’ve been playing more and [had] built myself a nice little bankroll with which to splash around.

Just the other day I was playing $5/$10 NL at the Borgata.  And yeah, on Sunday afternoon, I had $8.  All this got me thinking, how in the hell did I ever find myself with a five digit life-roll?

Record keeping.  It forced me to work and be happy with “only” making a hundred or two instead shipping it, or unnecessarily gambling.

Whether or not there’s ever a “necessary” time to gamble is a topic for a different conversation, altogether.  I’m just reminded of Pesci’s character saying, “You were serious about that?” when it comes to tracking the wins/losses, expenses, and whatnot.

Thanx to , I found out that Quicken Online is now available, FREE.  Check back with me in a month or so and find out if I’m still using it, and still keeping track.