Pops wanted to play the $560 Deepstack tournament at Mountaineer in WV and he invited me along for the ride. A couple thousand dollars later and we left town without playing the tourney and giving a few WV players some stories to tell about just how terrible people from the DC/Balt area play poker and blackjack.

i had switched from two hands of BlkJk to three at a time and was only betting $10/hand (x3), with the occasional $15 if I had netted more than two bets.

It wasn't long before I was up $500 and smashed one betting round with a few splits and doubles against the dealer's bust card.

Pops, whom I had originally assumed was my friend, says, "you run so good."

Self-fulfilling prophecies be damned (cred: Poker Grump) I lost every penny of the $500 profit and another nickel or more out of my pocket.

On the bright side, I was able to get us a poker room rate for just $35, thanks to knowing George from the Trop. Took a good long nap, went back to the poker felt, and put a Mortal Kombat style finishing move on my bankrolll

Much like the dark days of my Vegas trip, I wasn't trying to play good/winning poker, I was just gambling and giving money away. Maybe it's a home field advantage, or the contrary – either way, I need to find a way to keep my wits about me when settled into foreign territory.

I'm writing this from my cell while Pops is driving. Bought a new car-charger for the phone and because I needed to charge it in the room, too – got an adapter so you can plug car-charge accessories into a wall outlet. Most consumers pay $10 for said adapter… mine just so happened to cost a few dozen benjis.