The night started off quiet enough.  I short-bought the $1/$2 NL game for $60, Jefferson, Billy, Scooter, and Shawn each got $200.  I caught two red aces in the small blind and doubled through Billy on a K-high all spades flop.  Neither of our hands improved.  Very Next hand I gave $40 back to Shawn because he straddled and I over-played the button with a small pocket pair.

Isn’t long before I get a few more chips and raise a straddled pot.  Four of us take a flop and Ted, king of the over-bet, bets $100 into $85 when the flop is K8x, two diamonds.  I raised the button with 87dd and I’ve only got $72 left.  I’ll fold in this spot when Natalie Portman [w] walks into the room and says, “Take me, now or never.”

I don’t see her often, or, ever… so yeah, not folding.

Flush comes on the river, I go on a rampage, and before you know it I’m sitting on well over $400 from the $60 buy-in.  Just to make it more interesting I make a straight flush vs a boat and by the time we get to my opponent leading $50 into me…

I didn’t know what to do.  There’s a little over $50 in the middle plus his bet.  I have the nuts on a paired board.  I’m about 85% sure he’s got a boat, but if I raise all-in and he somehow folds for his last $120 or so, I miss-out on the $263 in the QuadJacksOrBetter Jackpot.

After much deliberation, I just call the $50, turn my hand over, and say, “Gimme the jackpot.”  I pocket the $250 cash, take the $13 off my $60 board, and again it’s not long before my stack has over $600 in it.

I take a break out in the kitchen and E-Honda says, “Nice short buy.”  I reply with a crackled, aggrivated meow.

Not two hours later and I’m felted, texting “Black Cattin’ Mother Fucker” to E.  “CHIPS!”

I get $300 more.  I over-play AQ in the standard fashion.  Check the flop when ahead, get the chips in on the turn when behind.

I fucked up one part of the standard play.  Shawn had middle two pair and spiked an eight-outer on the river for a $640+ pot.  Oops.  Coupla hands after that Billy makes it $8.  I pop it $20.  Katie calls the $20 cold out of the blinds.  Billy le-laises $50 more.  I beat him into the pot.  After some thought, Katie tags along.

Flop comes out 653r, she checks, Billy rips it in.  Looked like he had maybe $180, I was apparently mislead.  Before he can say the actual amount I donk out with, “I call.”  Katie folds.  Turn is a seemingly innocuous Jack.  River…

Kenny wasn’t even dealing and it was still a beautiful bouncing baby deuce.

I table 84o and as E would put it, Billy is shook.