I’ve had a tab in my browser sitting on draft.blogger.com for well over two hours while I’m watching TV and fiddling with some numbers.  I somehow lost my train of thought and never really came up with much to say.

My sister’s getting married tomorrow afternoon.  I might as well go out and get a few beers in me while I have a rare Friday night off.  This whole wedding experience just reminds me how much more I enjoy my gambling problem over the alcohol problem I used to have.

Congrats to UAEGreg, the donkey that originally introduced me to MD-Poker.com when I first moved to the DC/Baltimore area (and he even let me crash on his futon a few times towards the end of my Air Force shenanigans…).  Greg jumped through all the right hoops and got his foot in the door dealing tournament poque at the Borgata.

In other news, if you’re looking for a way to keep in contact with other MD-Poker.com members but can’t wait for the site to come back online, head on over groups.google.com/group/md-poker.  Wayne set it up and asked me to spread the word.

Off to the Tiki Bar.