Roughly a year ago, maybe longer, my browser found its way to  He’s enough of a somebody to have his own wiki.  His blog has been a must-read in my Google Reader, I can always tell how many days I’ve been offline by the number of his posts I have unread.

In Seth’s post from 13 Sep 2008, Breakage, he discusses the tendencies of the big-wigs to constantly test the little guys.  Prices creep higher, service remains unchanged or could possibly even decline.  Eventually, the customers decide enough is enough, and they revolt.  They don’t exactly storm the gates with torches and pitchforks, but they do seek other companies to support.  Companies who offer a better service for a better price.

God bless capitalism.  I stayed awake long enough in 12th grade English to read Animal Farm.  I have an idea what we’re missing on the other side of the spectrum.  With the freedom to offer any price you deem fit for  the goods and services you provide, you can’t be surprised when your customers exercise their freedom to choose.