Dealt Keon’s $1/$2 NL in Laurel on Weds Night.  Within my first shift, barely ninety minutes in length, I had sent two players packing.  “Seat Open!”  Rebuys and hurt feelings were everywhere.  Kendrick and I were taking turns dealing and while he was not in the room, I hollered out to him, “Hey, got a seat open in here.”

“Cut it out,” was all he could reply.
It’s common knowledge that dealers are incapable playing well, especially at the game they’re spota be dealing.
He bought in short, played fairly tight for the first 0:58 of the shift.  Those last two minutes are always a mother fucker.  Ah, NL.  
So, as he tells me, “Last hand, Demetrius,” he’s getting all his chips in the middle dominated by a better kicker.    I return the favor by also getting in the game.  I bought in for $300 and before I could post a blind Scooter was raising and getting called by the player on his immediate left.  My cards are pretty, I call.
Three of us to the flop, JdTd7c.  Scooter bets $15 into $33, gets called, I laise.  $55 more.
Little time is wasted before Scoot makes the call.  I was slightly alarmed when the player in between us went arr-rin, but for less than a full raise.  Now I’m faced with a dilemma.  I’m fairly certain Scooter is drawing at broadway, but I gots no idea what in the hell other guy has.  
I can’t raise Scooter out because my only legal options are fold/call due to the fact that it’s not a full raise on top.  I really don’t think I want to.  I guess if a blank comes on the turn I’ll try to create a side pot and get Scooters chips as a booby prize.
The turn is blanktastic.  (Kenny’s dealing, of course it’s a deuce).  Scooter checks, I bet $60 or so, he goes all-in for about the same amount, I call.  
River is the seventeen of purple horseshoes.  Scoot just looks glum and says, “I missed.”  I turn up QdTh, second pair.  He shows KQo, busted OESD.  Kid in the middle had Ad6d, gets none of it.
Kenny starts mumbling under his breath about how he gets sent to the rail with top pair and I win a $600+ pot with second pair.
Busted flush draw rebuys, and as he does I count out $200 in red from my stack and tell Keon to bring me green in replacement.
Amir is oh-so-situationally aware that he didn’t notice me stack two players in the first hand I played and thought that Keon bringing me $200 in green was me “adding-on” so that I could have a better shot at the other big stacks in the game.
Wasn’t long before Kenny talked me into staying in the game full-time and letting him finish out the night in the box.  I knew I was gonna regret it, but I agreed to it anyway.  Come 0500 and I was playing poorly, kept doubling up Amir just because I wanted to snap him off.  He addressed the fact that it was I alone that was dumping chips to him and that if not for me, he’d be out of the game.
So I said, “you’re right, I quit.”
Racked out, went to bed.  Didn’t quite have the +$300 I was sitting on after that first hand, but it certainly wasn’t a losing night, either.