I heart Google. They just released Chrome, an open-source web browser. I downloaded it just a few moments ago and was inspired to update my blog.

If you’re not my facebook friend, you’re missing out on some quality updates. My profile can be found at profile.to/travisthornwilliams – I update my status from my phone, much more often than I could ever update my blog.

The biggest thing keeping me out of the blogosphere is the fact that my laptop is a piece of garbage. It literally takes dozens of minutes to boot sometimes. Motivation is quickly killed at times like these.

I’ve been busy doing a whole lot of nothing lately. Lots of sleep. Lots of wasted time. I had a saying once, “It’s cheaper to be the sleeper.” While true, it’s boring.

There’s more to say, in the meantime, I’ll put this out there and play with my new shiny browser a bit.