I’m itching to get out of the condo and into the Amazon Ballroom at the Rio, so this post shouldn’t be very long. Yesterday, I finally remembered why I thought it would be a good idea to come out here for the whole summer: $5/$10 NL during the WSOP is a great game, esp when you run g00t.

I spent wasted the early part of my day playing $2/$5 NL. Flopped top-two on a KQ9 board, didn’t raise the flop, bet $90 into $150 on the turn, then made a stupid bet on the river when a yack rolled off. KT wins. Nice Hand, Sir! [If you’re from the MD-Poker circuit, I’m sure you can picture DCNick right now, saying “Sir!” as if it were an expletive.]

On the bright side, I didn’t reload at that table, I’ve learned that lesson, kinda. I instead left the Rio, went to the Venetian, and stacked off for a couple of million over there. Nooooo, I don’t really have millions, nor did I stack off for that much, but I did leave their poker room with much less than I entered. On my way out the door, I stopped by the Wheel Of Torture slot machines. Progressive is up over $5M, partly thanx to me.

Seven hundred dollars later, I decided it was time to admit defeat. I went back to the parking garage and drove away from the Neesh. I wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to go. Fug it, back to the Rio. Got a seat at a newly formed $5/$10 NL, sat short with $650.

It felt good to not be the only gambler at the table. You don’t play higher than $2/$5 NL unless you’ve got a couple of screws loose upstairs. It’s uncapped in many casinos, including at the Rio during the WSOP. Lots of guys sat with stacks around the $3K-$5K mark.


Dude on my left was donkus maximus, but was hitting rivers like Bobby liked to hit Whitney. Over and over and over, relentlessly. He ran his $500 short-buy up over $2.5K and soon left the table.

Another guy at the table, a solid player, but highly susceptible to tilt, had his Klan cracked on the river by a GS/FD. Implied odds reigned supreme. Dude check/called $300 (into $500 ish) on the turn, then fired $1K on the river and got a call when his Greek flush hit. The victim steamed off about $5K before taking the last $250 he had in front of him and taking a break. Almost made me feel better about how “good” I’ve been playing since I got to Vegas.

Couple of players limp to my cut-off, I follow suit, six of us take a flop of Ah7hJs. Guy on my right bets $30 into $60, I make it pretty obvious that I’d like to raise, but opt to just call. Sb check-calls the $30, three of us to the turn.

Ah7hJs 3h. They both check to me. I bet $90, guy on my right says, “why so much?” and he then folds when sb c/r’s $100 on top.

Hmm. What to do? I call. Gee, it would almost be nice to see the….

Kh on the river.

Sb fakes likes he gonna bet. There’s $530 in the middle, he covers me by about $100 and I’ve got around $620 in front.

He checks.

I genuinely take some time to think about what I want to do.

“I’m all-in.”

He deliberates, but finally makes the hero call.

My Qh9h makes me happy.

Soon after, the table gets short and I’m the only fish, so I took my ball and went home.

No, not exactly, but I did leave the game, cash out +$1K, and ran into a guy that used to deal to us at the Trop back in AC for hours on end. He just so happened to be dealing a table right next to the cage, there were some open seats, so I walked up and said, “they’ll let anyone deal here.” It was Chris, he went to school with Ricky and left AC for California. He went on break after that table and we caught up on some bullshit. Was good to see him. Went and got myself a pretzel after the chit-chat, then got back into another $5/$10 NL game.

This wasn’t spota be a long post??? Picked up another $800 before quitting around 0500 in the morning and heading back to the condo. All said and done, up on the day for poker, down total, thanx to the Wheel of Torture slot.

Sure is windy today, wonder if it’s nice enough to hit the pool and hot tub?