If you saw me right after the fateful Biloxi, trip, you’ve already seen one of my favorite pictures. I took the snapshot around 8pm on Tuesday Night in Atlantic City. It’s just shy of $20K in crisp, clean, cold-hard cash. After I snapped the pic, I said to myself, “Self, leave Atlantic City, Now!”

Me, myself, and I haven’t had quite so many of those thoughtful talks out here in Vegas. I am currently unable to take the same picture. Gimme another week, and we’ll see.

The world is so small when you’re a poker player. I spotted a random gambler, only known to me as Jack. I believe he’s a bookie down South, we played many a hand of $5/$10 NL while I was on his turf. I sucked out on him once or twice and out-played him countless times more. By the end of the trip he opted to play the $75/$150 mixed game instead of NL; he had me drooling while he was destroying his table. He might’ve bought in for $5K-$8K, easily had over $35K in chips/cash in front of him in under 12 hours.

Oh, $75/$150 mix… please wait for me, I’ll be there in a year or three.

In the mean time, I’ll just sit back and play $5/$10NL with the mask of a goofball, but a rock-tight nit in practice. Switching the two is not advisable. Tight and right just makes so much money.

My new bed is finally here! Only took me two weeks to get off the damned air mattress and onto something which I can actually (almost) fit. Sure makes my room look a lot smaller…