I had a little chat with SuperDave[FB] this afternoon. An excerpt:

Dave: […]

hows the gamboolin life?
me: oy
best thing for me to do is pretend the past two days never happened
and that i’m not trying to “get the money back” but start from scratch w/ a smaller roll

Dave: who is this?

His intent was to suggest that I may actually have grown a brain, even though I’m still capable of shipping it, I may be able to stray away from rock-bottom-dead-broke.

On Friday, right about the time I raised $1,005 on top of a guy’s $540 bet in the middle of this hand, I got a txt from Ricky asking how Vegas was treating me. It took the young gentleman so long to call that I had enough time to reply that I was in the midst of the a $3,500 pot.

We all know how that story ends.

The next day, I get another text from the one-handed man and sho’ nuff, ship it immediately after. There’s a term for this in psychology, something to do about misplaced blame, on the tip of my tongue… Either way, Ricky apologized and said he wouldn’t text me in the future while I may be playing.

I’m happy to release the news that I was fully capable of losing all my chips without receiving a txt msg from you, Sir. Please, any/all of you, feel free to txt me and say hi at any time.

Happy Memorial Day to all, I’ma try my damnedest to stay out of the poker rooms today and get my sanity back. Either Tues or Weds they’re starting up satellites (and cash games) in the Amazon Ballroom, here’s hoping I make enough money there before Saturday that I can be happy to play in Event #2. It’s essentially a $1500 lottery ticket, but if you consider the fact that I hardly ever play the lottery, it’s almost justified.