Am I the only one that thinks it’s hilarious that new roommate #2 has the initials DT and loves the sauce?  Delirium Tremens[w], alcholol… As I mentioned before[God Bless GPS], I love the fact that I can update my facebook from my cell.  When I’m out drinking, or deep in the trenches of a poker game, I’m known to update on an all-too-often frequency.  I will now attempt to address each of yesterday’s updates, describe the circus dances before and after, and overall, sum up my day.

[Note:  The following times are EST, I’m actually three hours behind.  Maybe now that I updated my location on facebook it will be correct in the future?]

2:23PM Travis is gonna take a dip in the pool before heading over to the Venetian for $2/$5 NL action.

I like to wake up, fart around on the compluter, and get my head cleared before I venture out into the world.  This goes back to my late teens when I was working at Tiki.  Place didn’t open ’till 4pm, we didn’t usually get to work until 2:30ish.  Was nice to wake up, enjoy a few hours of the day before heading off to the workplace.  Now, the place I go to make money is hard to describe as work, but it’s still nice to relax beforehand.

It was way too cold outside to enter the pool, but I did enjoy a ten-minute soak in the hot tub.  Came back to the condo, got a shower, and wasn’t long before DT and I were on our way out the door to the ‘netian.

4:20PM [insert stoner joke here] Travis has a chauffeur named Dani for rainy days. Actually, she’s just my roommate that is working over at the Venetian, so I hitched a ride to avoid putting the top up.

DT’s first name is Danielle, or Dani for short.  I originally offered to drive as part of the carpool, but when ominous rainclouds loomed overhead and the wind began to howl like a whore in the heat of passion, it was decided it would be best if we took a vehicle that actually had a roof and rear windows instead.

6:46PM Travis is sitting $5/$10NL at the ‘netian… ever heard of Grand Theft Auto[w]? The gentleman next to me sold the printing company that does the packaging for GTA4 and some other games. He’s giving NLHE a try today, having never played before.

More about Steve over at FKN, I did a write-up entitled Variance: (Barely) Survived My First Friday as Vegas Denizen.

9:23PM Travis doesn’t feel like he’s only down $415 playing poker this week. Just lost a $3,460 pot…

Thurs, made $285 playing $1/$3 NL.  At the moment, just lost the $700 (+ profit) that I was playing in the $5/$10 NL.  $285-$700 = -$415.  But… it was a hella huge pot, details posted just before this, You Think It Sucked Last Time You Had Crabs?

12:04AM Travis just got drunk dialed… never fails, leave the time zone and they all come out of the woodwork.

Alot can happen in 161 minutes.  I took a cab over to the Rio, picked up some of that Front Money[w], and threw a bunch of it at Wheel Of Fortune slot machines.  Got stuck $300 playing a $5 machine at $10 / pull, then finally got to spin, walked away +$285 ish.  Was gonna play NL, but they only had a few tables going, decided against it.  I couldn’t find the exit right away, but I was able to find another slot machine.  This time, I played the $0.05 machine.  Didn’t matter, still got stuck for $260.  It was $3.75 / pull vs $10.  In the end, FINALLY got to spin the wheel, hit the big wheel bonus for 1000x, got me even on the machine, plus maybe $70.

If you remember correctly, I had cabbed it over here, had to cab it back.  The line at the ‘neesh was long, no lines at the Rio.  Finally got back, didn’t even consider tilting off all these monies at $5/$10NL, sat $2/$5NL for the max, $1K.  Got a massage, $80 for 40 minutes ($2/min in Vegas), tipped $20.  Made $175 playing during the massage, so it could be argued that it paid for itself.

Table broke, got moved.

Rinse, later, repeat.  Table broke, got moved.

Straddled, lucked into the nuts on the turn after donk-calling when sb c/r’d and bb le-laised the c/r after checking.  No two ways about it, I gambled and got lucky.  It would be very difficult to justify this as a +EV play.  End resut, three of us put in $180 on the flop, I turned the nut frush, bb shoves for over $500, I cover and re-shove, sb folds, I still have the nuts on the river.

VERY NEXT HAND.  I flop a set, another player has TPNK w/ 2ndFD.  After some dealer error, we get it all-in, I would’ve turned quadzilla had he not ripped the card off early, before the action was complete.  I was momentarily displeased.  I don’t boat, but he doesn’t frush, either, I win the pot.

In the course of two hands my stack went from $1.2K to $3.1K.

I couldn’t miss, everything was going great.  I randomly check my phone, realize it’s simply muted and not on vibrate, and I missed a call from Krista[myspace].  I call her back.  She’s hammered.  She insists upon telling me at least 17 times how much she loves me.  To quote my friend Dustin, given the chance, “I’d give her the best 15 seconds of her life.”  Alas, we never quite got around to that.  Back in the Tiki days, she was working there and dating the Kitchen Manager, my brothafromanothamotha, Jusitn.  We’ve been friends for over ten years now.

Of course, now that I’m over 2,000 miles away, she calls me up whilst snookered out of her gourd.  She used to do this when I lived in OKC, too.  Very sneaky, those womens.

3:42AM Travis (barely) survived his first Friday as a Vegas Denizen.

Which pretty much brings us full circle.  Either right before or right after Krista called, I ordered a quesadilla from tableside food service.  I donked off over $1K waiting for it to arrive and waiting to complete the transaction.  Bastards.  Seems to be a recurring theme, food and degredation of funds.  Maybe from now on I’ll take healthy breathers from the table.  Who am I kidding, I’d hate to miss a hand.  Hell, I cut back from about two packs / day to less than a pack a week to prevent myself from missing so many hands.

Thanx for trying to keep up.  It’s a little after noon on Saturday and I’m about to get off this couch and start wandering around Vegas.  Wonder if they’re having satellites/cash games at Amazon Ballroom, yet?

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