Listen to your co-pilots when they tell you when and how to apply sunscreen. It was a short trip from Joplin, MO to OKC, but not short enough to keep my face from getting burnt.


In a few hours, the sun will be up on Wednesday Morning. We’re gonna get on I-40W and head for Flagstaff, AZ.

Sheena’s asleep, gonna make her drive at least the first leg of the trip once we finally decide to leave OKC. We’ve got a pretty good system worked out where we trade driving each time we fill up the tank. On a Jeep, you can make it about 220 to 280 miles on a single tank, depending on max speed and hill/flat conditions. Makes for a three-to-five hour tour, very doable.

We’re gonna spend the night in Flagstaff and then head to the Grand Canyon on Thurs Morning. Supposedly only a 90 min drive. After that, a short 4.5 hours to Las Vegas!

Pictures to follow.

This is the part where I for some reason think it’s actually a good idea to e-mail my parents a link to my blog.

Hope my Mother wears a seat belt if she intends to read some of the older stuff.

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