What goes around, really goes around. Six years ago, early May of 2002, my Mother and I drove from outside Philly to Oklahoma City. Last night I changed co-pilots, but went on a similar journey. Sheena [FB] and I made it a little over 1,100 miles between just before Noon Monday and a little after 0300 local time, near the MO/OK border. We’re gonna head to OKC in a little bit (under 250 miles to get there from here), enjoy the sites for the afternoon, visit with some of my old friends, then get on our merry way in the wee hours of Weds Morning.

Ideally, we’ll be in Las Vegas Thursday afternoon. For those of you confused, she’s not moving out there, too, just going for the weekend… nice enough to spend more time traveling to Vegas than actually staying in it.

I now remember why I loved the weather out here so much. Right around the time I-70 changes to I-55 S coming up on St Louis it was noticeably warmer, even around midnight. We were downright shivering in Indiana with the rain coming down and the back windows of the Jeep being absent. Now it’s time to start sweating buckets! I love it!

Gonna take the top down in a few minutes. Might never put it up again, ever.