It didn’t take long for me to say, “Kenny! Next Hand!” at PINK on Friday Night. I was out of the box and ready for bed long before 0400. Rare, but welcomed.

Went to Pops’ the next day for a little $100 + $20 KO NLHE tourney. Knocked out Pops when he flopped GS+FD and I had two big flushy cards. I actually got my money in (barely) ahead with KQcc vs his T7cc on a 864, two clubs flop. Jc on the turn sealed his fate, and made me $20.

I donked severely, to the point where it was only sweet poetic justice that I get knocked out when I have KK and UTG limp-pops my raise from the big-blind.

Played the cash game without a care in the world. I got lucky a bunch of times, just enough to put a few extra chips on the table without actually rebuying myself. After a few hours of donkerific play, I decided it was time to hit the bar.

True, I had over $7K on me, but I still didn’t want to throw a party. I had donated my $300 (+$25 to Emma’s college fund), it was time to quit. I hung out for a little while, couldn’t quite bring myself to leave. Billy showed up and I talked him into joining me at the bar while he was waiting for a seat.

Since when is there a “no plain black/white T-Shirts” dress code at the bars in Pasadena, MD?

Fuck ’em. We got a 12-pack and returned to the SHOP. Just as we were parking, Katie was on her way out the door. Billy and I went in to the basement, got seats, and wouldn’tyaknow… first hand I play from the bb…

I flop trips against tilted Scooter, he doubles me up.

Hmm… I guess I could go back to a bar now that Billy’s got a seat (and beer) and I’ve got my $300 back from earlier.

Not at the table for 15 minutes, I say, “Good luck all; Pops, cash me out.”

Again, after four years I like to think I’ve finally learned a little something about this silly ass game called Poker.