Dealt Sun, Mon, Tues – didn’t have to work again until Fri at E-Honda‘s PINK game. Why not go to AC? Was spota roll up with E for his birthday, but he was under the weather. Called around a few places, tried Harrah’s in AC and after trying to get a poker rate, wound up getting the room FREE, for Weds and Thurs Night. Sveet.

Only downside, not much in the way of action down in the poker room. Only NL running was $1/$2 NL, maybe four or five tables on a Weds night. I was fortunate, shipped most of my initial $300 buy-in, reloaded $200 more and ran that up to $1600 in eight short hours.

Table broke. My dumb ass, instead of going to bed, went to a new table.

Shipped 89% of my profits in a hurry. Sat with $1K at the new table, roller coaster ride later, felted.

Had two black chips in my pocket. I could go to bed up $100 for the trip.

Nah, put the chips on Black on Roulette. Oh. Look at that. Red 3.

Aight, go to bed $100 stuck.

Woke up late-ish on Thurs night, took a cab over to Borgata. Got a seat in the $5/$10 NL game, sat with $1500.

About ten minutes into sitting there, I realized that my pockets were phone-less. I was wearing jeans the day before, but today with the khakis, I didn’t think to double-check my pockets when I got out of the cab.

Dirty Mother Fucker. Phone done fell out my pocket.

A good 45 minutes or so went by before Katie showed up with her sister to see if I wanted to grab a bite to eat. I told her about my phone, the fact that I had shipped the $1500 buy-in and rebought for another $1K, and that I was too stuck to eat. She let me borrow her phone, I used it to send a text to mine that read, “If you have this phone, please reply `Yes`.”

Sho’ Nuff, got a reply. I was hoping the cabbie might remember me because when we got in the cab I recognized the music from the opening credits of Inside Man and had a little conversation with him about it.

He had me call him on my phone, I asked him if he could bring the phone back to the Borg, pretty please. He was about to say, “Well, if you did that, I’d have to charge you a fare for the ride.” I cut him off and said, “Dude, you bring my phone back and I can do better than that, I’ll give you $50.”

He showed up, I gave him $50, and all of the sudden I was off tilt and able to play again.