I should work at UPS or FedEx. I am an expert at shipping things.

Gave away bricks of twenties in Atlantic City this past week. Only bright side, I cashed in the $500 NLHE Event at the WSOP Circuit at Harrah’s.

I also got my first ever WSOP Penalty. Hopefully many more to come.

Edna Jones (10:42:23 PM): got my first ever WSOP penalty
“E Honda” (10:43:27 PM): first cash too right? what’d you do?
Edna Jones (10:43:35 PM): dude said “sorry” when he won a big pot late in the tournament
“E Honda” (10:45:19 PM): so you told him to shut the fuck up?
Edna Jones (10:45:33 PM): pretty much
“E Honda” (10:46:19 PM): lol
Edna Jones (10:46:25 PM): he flipped his cards up, i flipped mine up, he out flopped me, turn/river, no help – his AQ beats my AK, i say “nice hand.” calmly – then he says “sorry” and i come back with “you’re not sorry, if you’re sorry give me the fucking pot, otherwise shut the fuck up and let’s play the next hand”
“E Honda” (10:47:51 PM): wow lol was the floor there or did the dealer snitch?
Edna Jones (10:47:41 PM): only three or four tables left at the time
Edna Jones (10:48:08 PM): tourn director was pretty much right there, pointed at me, tried not to laugh, and said, “sorry man, that’s ten minutes.”
Edna Jones (10:48:19 PM): i said, “yes sir.” and calmly walked away
“E Honda” (10:49:30 PM): lol, pretty cool you cashed though….