After breaking dead-even at $2/$5 NL at The Trop we got the car out of Valet and headed for the Borgata. Not only was the food outfuckingstanding, but our server, Robert, was on-point. He even cut the cripple kid’s steak for him.

* Ricky Bobby did some dumb shit a few years back and got his ass into a nasty motorcycle accident which later resulted in some severe nerve damage to his left hand. If he were born with a debilitating handicap, we would never tease or ridicule him. He brought it upon himself, so we constantly bust his balls.

Funny how Andy and Ricky waited until the check was on its way to the table to go get in line for the Midnight Tourney registration. They did eventually pay for their meal, more than their share.

Tell you what, I should’ve taken a cab back to the Trop and gone the hell to sleep. Nah, I think I’ll get on the list for $5/$10 NL and play $2/$5 NL while I’m waiting. I don’t even think I was at the $2/$5 game for a full rotation before I limped, aggro-stucko on my left popped it $30, got four callers, and I limp-laised $125 more into what had become a $150 pot.

Insta-call from dude on my left. Closing the action, bb also takes a flop.

Just $525 in the middle. Sick fucks.

bb Checks, yeah, I ship it.

Dude on my left beats me into the pot. It’s ace-high, I table my yacks, sure he out-flopped me.

Turn brings a flush, I think, “Ooh! Back-door outs!”

He tables his QcTc.

Wow. “Nice Hand, Sir. Wow.”

“Goddamned right that’s a nice hand! Just look at that Pot!”

And my Dad wonders why I have little respect for the value of money. I wasn’t jubilant, but I certainly wasn’t heartbroken to see this $1,200+ pot go to a donk on a flush draw. Once the flop came out, he was getting odds to ship it on his draw due to me inflating the pot pre-flop with a marginal hand out of position.

Oh, and the best part is, just before I limp-laise, I hear my name called for $5/$10 NL and ask the dealer to lock it up as I’m about to ship a nickel to the gentleman on my left.

I get to the $5/$10 NL game and sit down with two racks of red. I think I will avoid the red chips in this game in the future. They’re too difficult to cut out and can severely slow the game when all you want to do is c/r $200 more.

Fold, fold, fold.

The more I type that the more I realize just how good an idea it is.

I limp UTG, two limpers behind me, MP makes it $40 (4xbb), six of us to the frop ($245 in middle). Flop is 6h4h3c. Checks to pf raiser. Doesn’t the mother fucker bet $75 into this pot.

I think I’d make teh same play with air, but having possibly the best hand and outs to improve, I say, “$200 more.”

Not an insta-call, but a call nonetheless.

Turn pairs the threes, no flush. He has $305 behind and I cover a couple times over. “I’m all-in.” I put out two $150 stacks of red and a single chip on top to cover his stack. After much deliberation, he tosses it in the muck.

I just added $455 to my stack without getting to showdown. I love this game.


Long story short, a couple of gamblers probably from a bigger game sat in the $5/$10 NL and began inflating the pots and going slightly nuts. This is good for a game you’re well rolled for and ready to ride out the swings. If you’re taking a shot, might want to sit this one out. Especially when you’re tired.

But, I was at least free-rolling. Good thing, too. I was sitting on about $1,450 when I flopped a set on a K74r flop, check-called a $145 continuation bet into a $250 pot, and lead a dumb-ass $175 into $540 on the turn when a nine rolled off.

On the river, I make the most brilliant play I have in weeks. I shove dark. This way he can call if he has me beat, and fold if he doesn’t.

He calls.

“Fuck. I’ve just got a set.”


Clubs? Yeah, turn was a club, nine – flop had one other club, river was also a club. And he had 6c5c – open ended on the flop. Very different from when dude donked-out on me with QcTc earlier. I genuinely said, “Nice hand, I’m an idiot. Good luck, all.”

Some my be shocked to hear this, but I left the game and went to bed after that. I still had well over $1K on me, plenty to buy-in and “get it back.” I had even more in the ATM. I liked it where it was. I was up $500 on the trip yet (minus expenses). That’s alot more than I can say about previous trips.

Slept all through Weds morning without waking up and going downstairs to get in a few hands before going home. I did the driving back down to Maryland. It sure was nice to leave AC and not sweat buying a tank of gas for the ride home.

Later that night, went to Timmy‘s $10/$20 HO and dealt. Started around 1930. Come 0330, I was tired from tossing out 30+ hands / hour and a long AC trip. Finally made it to bed and woke up Thurs afternoon refreshed and ready to take on Steve’s $1/$3 NL.

But first, a stop out in public. New thing I’m trying, getting out in public. Met up with Paul and his crew at Damon’s Grill in Arundel Mills. It was the night of the Packers/Cowboys game and the place was a madhouse.
Football game started, I said my goodbyes soon after, started the long journey to MoCo, and got ready to do it all over again.