A little over a month ago, I went to Steve’s $2/$5 NL game he holds in MoCo on Sundays. I got sick-lucky, nailed what was essentially a five-outer for a $1500 pot. I’ve only missed one Sunday since then. The following week I played “so good” that I had to get in the game for $1500 before I started playing well. I still came out a $700+ winner thanks to that last $500 rebuy.

Sunday after that I put on a fucking clinic, or so I was told. Showed down <10% of my hands and the only two sizable pots I lost was one when I flopped top set and didn’t care that Dirty Mark turned the nut straight… another was when I got out of line and bricked a 12-outer for a $1300+ pot.

I had run my original $500 up to $2150ish, back down to $1380 or so before I bailed.

Week after that Pink ran from Fri Night straight into 1930/2015 Sun Night. This was before I had owned all the components of my bed, and due to lack of sleep and some other bull shit, I was in no condition to play $2/$5 NL. I don’t know if I’m growing up and getting smarter or if I’m just tired of shipping it, but I seem to be getting wiser in my old age.

After two pink games in one weekend topped-off with a $1/$2 NL started at the crack of dawn, I caught a few hours of sleep Sunday morning. I woke up a little before noon time and was trying to think of a way to kill some time before 1700.

Hit up Fandango.com and saw that there was a 1430 showing of American Gangster. If you’re accustomed to throwing a few pictures of Ben Franklin at a poker game, you should have no problem dropping a couple bucks to see a quality film on the big screen. En route to the film I sent a text to Anne and she met me there so I’d have someone to play Ebert and Roeper with on the way out to the car.

Movie was over and I headed up the street to throw some chips around.

Fold, fold, fold.

Folding is only boring when you forget that it results in hefty cashouts. One other disadvantage is that if you fold long enough, even Steve Collins will fold top pair to you correctly from time to time.

But an advantage, the same Steve can open for 5xbb ($25) and after four people call, you make it $100 more and take down the free money without taking a flop. I had a “real hand,” true – but certainly not one where I’d re-pop to for almost a pot-sized raise pf, out of position, 100% of the time.

After I picked up that $100 I sat idle for a while again. Five of us limped to a Ks8c6s flop. Checks to me, one to act behind me and I bet $15 into $25. All called.


Turn rolls of a non-spade Ace and after two people check to Tom, he bets $80 into what has become a $100 pot. I can’t just call, that’d be pretty thilly. But I also would hate to lose him after he lead into four of us. I make it $200. Fold to Cal in the bb. He nods. Looks at the dealer, folds. Cal later tells me he check-called the flop with K6 two-pair and check-folded the turn.

Virginia Tom was not so lucky. He eventually said, “I call.” He thought it put him all-in. I made sure he and the dealer both knew he had $20 left.

River was a non-spade. He checked. I bet $20 and said some cocky bull shit like, “You got the Ace of Spades and another spade, right? I suggest you fold.”

He calls. I show him my flopped set of eights. I hear about Cal’s fold and I honestly believe him, esp since the dealer confirmed it. I joke with him and say, “How the fuck you gonna call Steve with a gut-shot and fold two-pair to me? That’s unfair!”

This pot puts me right around $1250 and I coast at that mark for a good while before I get out of line and start shipping some back. I got silly lucky on what was either a decent read or just a lucky two-outer to the turn and took down a hella nice pot which put me up over the $1600 mark. I gave back $100 or so and some players had left the game, some new ones had joined.

I flopped a set in a five way pot and by showdown profited $50 in a $2/$5 NL game. That was when I decided it was definitely time to call it a night. No warning, I was UTG and grabbed some racks. It was about to be my big blind and Bi knew I didn’t want a hand. He said, “Done?” Yep. “Thanks for your tips, have a good night.”

Stopped at the ATM on the way home and did that thing where the money goes in instead of out again. I was in bed by 0130. Even I was surprised.

A little after 1900 on a Monday Night now and I’ve got to get ready for the $1/$2 NL game. Going to Atlantic City in the morning with Ricky Bobby. Should be a nice little short trip.