I’ve been running disgustingly hot over the past couple weeks. Even when I take a slight hit, I always seem to recuperate or otherwise rebound in the very near future.

Tuesday night I dealt a few shifts at Paul’s Tues Night $1/$2 NL game and when I wasn’t in the box I hopped in to the game. Most of the table bought in for about $200, not too many chips had slid around before I started playing. Bought in for $300, made a bad call w/ TT on King-high flop when a short stack called my raise pf and then shoved from the sb for just under a pot-sized bet.

Before I could get terribly upset, Stirfry raised a pot to $15 pf and four of us took a flop Qs9sXs. The “X” was small, like a deuce or trey or something. Turn rolled off, I can’t remember exactly what it is, I just know it didn’t change much. Not a spade, didn’t pair the board, didn’t fill a straight or anything. Roughly $153 in the middle, I’ve got just over $170 in front.

We’re heads-up on the turn. I shove.

Bless his heart, Jeff belabors a call.

River is a club ten. Makes me a straight, but I chose to play the flopped flush with KsJs instead.

I got a few text msgs from Jason who was dealing up at the Dundalk game. It was $5/$10 NL up there. I was sitting in a $1/$2 NL game. Doesn’t take an avid poker player to know that these two games are very different.

Ah, fuck it – Let’s gamble. I racked out at Paul’s shortly before Midnight. had almost tripled-up. Got in the Jeep and headed North on 895.

Holy fucking fog, Batman. That fog put me on tilt before I had even played a hand up in Dundalk. Not only did I blow past my exit for 895 off of 295, but when I tried to turn around, I temporarily headed the wrong way on an off ramp.

Fucking Fog.

Glad I had a 4WD, just hopped the curb and got headed in the right direction.

Finally made it up there and I was steaming with Tilt. Game was roughly seven or eight handed. Mountains of chips in play. I’m talking several thousand in front of quite a few players. Well, fuck, guess who doesn’t want to have a dick-swinging contest with these guys…

No biggie, within my first hour playing $5/$10 NL up there I picked up AA, limped to the $20 Straddle, bet $35 on a yack-high, two hearts flop, smooth-called a c/r to $75. Then when the turn rolled off an small non-heart, I popped the $150 lead-out $225 more and he grumble-folded.

Picked up over $230 without showing down or even getting to see the river card. I kinda like this $5/$10 shit.

Coupla hands later I limped, as did several others. Goofball in the sb popped it for $25 on top. The bb and a limper or three put in the $25 call knowing full-well that someone was probably going to re-pop. Not only was the guy a goofball, but he was “short-stacked” w/ only about $500 in front. I had bought in for a dime and hand’t been caught being a bonehead yet. I grabbed a handful of quarters and limp-popped it $250 on top.

All folded, yet again, easy money.

I wasn’t there for an hour and I was up over $400. Players were fading fast, next thing I knew it was just me and the two short-stacks. Neither had over $500 in front. Few other people showed up, I talked the house into breaking the $5/$10 NL and starting a new $2/$5 NL so more people would be comfortable playing.

Sold $1,020 back to the house, restarted playing on a free-roll, sitting with $499 in front.

Wasn’t long before the short stacks started attacking each other. I kinda smelled that this game wouldn’t last very long, so I played pretty tight. I raised to $15 UTG+1 and four of us took a flop. Checked around, top card paired on the turn, player bet out, he won the pot.

That hand wasn’t important, but it was uber-convenient for me to open for $15 UTG the very next hand. Goofball popped it to $40. I grabbed some quarters and re-popped.

Before the dealer could tell him how much more it was, he said “All-in” and I instacalled.

On the turn the board read QJ9x and his Kings had six outs to my Aces. He had me covered by $10.

Shortly after that hand, the game broke and I was up $1,080 in under three hours.

I hear that Paul’s game is still running… and it is on the way home.

Stopped by, picked up another $290 before going back to the apartment and grabbing some shuteye.

I love this game.