When faced with the chance to give a speech before a sizable live audience, the general population will usually advise you to “Picture them all in their underwear.” Playing a tournament with a couple thousand folx is not like giving a speech exactly, but it could be likened to it in some way.

I’m reg’d to play in a Round 1 “Play in the Bahama’s with dN” Free-roll on ‘Stars. Me and literally 9,999 players are reg’d to play.

The bright side, cash prizes. $5 for 1st thru 45th. Scaled down to $1 for 604th to 1250th place. Top 200 advance to a Rd 2 MTT.

Let’s hope I make it to the second blind level, unlike last week. It would also be nice to not bubble out after playing for 3+ hours, like the week before.