Back when I lived in Montgomery County, MD it was not uncommon to catch me watching Bravo whenever the TV was turned on. I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I actually enjoyed Project Runway and whatever other “gay people are cool people, too” show was on at the time.

I’d lean towards Discovery Channel to try to catch Dirty Jobs every once in awhile, but somehow I always ended up back at Bravo.

Now I’m in Berks County, PA – and rural part of it. The part where I’ve spent the past six weeks jumping through hoops just trying to convince a local cable company to please please please run a line out yonder so a brotha can get some highspeed!

We barely get audio on Channel 3 (CBS?). Channel 6 (ABC) is jumpy at times, snowy always, but usually what I watch, and Channel 10 (NBC) is clear, but the programming tends to suck. Or I at least haven’t given them a fair shot.

I’d watch more Channel 29 (FOX), but it never seems to come in when I need it to.

It’s Premiere Week on ABC, and I’ve been watching most of the new ones. Grey’s Anatomy, Big Shots, Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, what was that other crap on Weds night?

DSM and Big Shots I actually found quite entertaining. DSM uses the idea that the rich and famous are evil misunderstood people, just dying to make their own lives grand while bringing down everyone around them.

Big Shots takes a somewhat opposite approach, that rich and powerful CEOs of big companies are just normal people with more zeros at the end of their bank accts.

I could IMDB Michael Vartan, but I’d rather just remember where I know him from. He’s got the lead role in Big Shots along with Christopher Titus, Dylan McDermott, and some other recognizable-by-face-but-not-by-name character.

But yeah, I’ve got a Uterus. I have to admit I think I actually enjoy watching these Soap Operas made for the rest of us.

Did anyone else recognize the sign of the times prevalent in these shows? Like the fact that both involved Tranny Hookers?