A couple Sundays ago, E wakes me up from my slumber on his couch and he says, “Keon and I are thinking about going UP. Do you want to go up?”

Well, fuck. Let’s see. I’ve got a single $1 bill on me, and I owe, several people. Not the best of ideas E has had in the past. Not the best of ideas for me to go along with.

“Lemme make some phone calls.” Keon says he can spot me $200 for the trip.

Um. Well. Aight. Fuck it, let’s do it. I’ve gone up to AC short before, with maybe $400 or $600 or so for the trip… but $200, damn.

At this time you may be wondering where all the thousands of dollars from the Vegas trip ended up. Yeah, that makes two of us. I do remember a $2K party at the monday night game coupled with about $800-$1K in paying off some old speeding tickets. Not to mention a thing here and another thing there, the money goes quick.

Basicly, don’t drive angry. If you’re head isn’t in the game, it’s gonna reflect in your play and your results. Going into this AC Trip, I had so little to lose, and even the mightiest win would seem like barely scraping the barrel. But that didn’t stop me from going. And go I did. Next thing I know, I’ve run that $200 buy-in up to about $350 and I’m sitting on a decent stack. Then I limp UTG and when there’s a raise across the table, atleast three of us take the flop.

I flop top pair and a flush draw and never stop betting. I never quite pull into the lead either. Dude with TPTK refuses to relinquish his hand, so much that at showdown, I thought I won the pot that grown to over $300.

Nah, nice kicker you slow-rolling stupid fuck. In the middle of the hand, E is right behind me. After the chips go the other way, he says “So you want to head over to the Taj for the Midnight Tourney?”

This bitch. Mother fucker couldn’t have come just three minutes sooner and saved me about $150? So I don’t even post my blinds, I stand up, stuck a whole $25. And I’m pissed. Deep down inside, I’m happy to still have some semblence of chips, but… damn. Timing is everything.

Of course I’m gonna go over to the Taj and play the Midnight Madness tourney. I don’t have much choice otherwise. I’ve got less than $200 on me and no cell phone or other way of reaching these two clowns. I’ve got to tag along.

I was not really required to play in the $38+$12 donkament, but it felt like the right thing to do at the time. I don’t know if I performed a secret lap dance while no one was looking or what happened, but I somehow found an extra $20 in my pocket before we got to the Taj. Worst case (and most likely) scenario, I don’t money in the $50 tourney and I’m left with $145 to take to the cash games.

Back in the early days, when we used to come up to AC anywhere from one to three trips each month, I can remember two consecutive Sunday $100+$20 tourns where I cashed. I either knew what I was doing at one time or got pretty lucky two weeks in a row. I’ve got all the know-how for tournament play, just lack the patience.

Less than three stacks of pink in your pocket can make you awfully patient.