If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it. If you are a critic who ragged on this movie, please do not hesitate to have your friend or one of your co-workers come kick you in the junk so you remember what a complete and utter mistake feels like.

  — The Continuous Chronicles of Gene

The preceding is an excerpt from a review from a random interweb blogger about the new Transformers movie [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0418279/]. When you first navigate to the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) page about the movie, one of the pictures at the top depicts Megan Fox sticking her head under Bumble Bee’s hood.

Let’s just say the next generation of tweens and teens have found a girl to latch onto and dream about. Kinda makes me wish I was 14 again so I could picture her out of my league and out of my grasp.

Can she act? Does it matter?

But, I digress.

The US Military is a constant presence throughout the movie and it was cool to see scenes from the Pentagon and those using AWACS and A-10 Warthogs. Why? ‘Cause I’ve been inside the Pentagon, I used to write mission scheduling software for the AWACS when I was at Tinker AFB, OK, and my dad worked on A-10 Warthog Weapons Systems for over 15 years while he was working at Willow Grove NAS – outside Philadelphia, PA.

The action was great throughout the movie and I recommend the ride to anyone who actually has a pulse. I think you could walk into the theater (somehow?) having never heard of a Transformer, and still enjoy the flick.

If you’re the cynical or overly critical type, you’ll find company not-so-deep within the IMDB Message Boards. [Please note, you’ll need to be a registered IMDB.com user for that link to work.]

Dude in that thread was not as amused by the movie as 95% of the rest of the world, and wow does he ever not get out enough, it would seem.

I’ve gotta run – if I’ve talked you into the seeing the movie and you come out of it unimpressed, remind me next time I’ll see ya.

And I’ll kick ya squarely in the junk, ala Gene’s request.