Once I reached that age where I was old enough to know better, but still too young to care… my dad had a few very simple rules.

  1. Let me know (relatively) where you’re going
  2. Wake me up when you get home
  3. Call me if you’re not coming home right away.

I still live by them today to a certain extent. My dad lives in rural Berks County, PA about 165 miles from our place Montgomery County, MD… but I still keep him up to date when I’m skipping town. I sent him an e-mail providing flight information for our Vegas Trip and details about which hotel we’d be staying in and where we’d be playing.

I also CC’d my mom on the e-mail, too. She replied with a “hey, how’d it go?” questionnaire and I figure my response was carte blanch enough to share with all:

Trip was very good – Noelle entered a tournament with over 2,300 players and finished in 63rd place. She got knocked out by the guy who took 2nd place a few years back in the $10,000 buy-in main event. His name just so happens to be Dave Williams, no relation – he’s a young black guy from Texas. She played from noon Saturday until 2am the same night, then they took a sleep break. The next day she played from 2pm on for another six hours or so before getting knocked out. It was $1500 to get in to the tournament, she received a 6 to 1 return on her investment. Keenan and I each played as well. Before the tourney started, we decided the three of us would “trade 10% of each other.” If any one of the three of us made money, the other two would each get 10% of the profits. So Nelly Profited around $7,500 after the $1,500 buy-in. She gave me and Keenan each $750, kept the other $6K profit to herself.

The rest of us also had a great time as well. We had extraordinary dinners while were out there. Good thing we were playing well, because these dinners were insane – $180 per person at this Japanese/Peruvian place called Nobu… $80 / head at “the cheap one”, and on Tues night, Noelle and I went out to a place just the two of us, and our dinner bill was $550 after tax, before tip. We had mountains of food including Kobe Beef Tartar, Jumbo Grilled Prawns, Mushrooms, a braised whole lobster, asparagus, insanely good mashed potatatoes, Kobe Beef Filet Mignon, Kobe Skirt Steak, and even crazier desserts…

Back at home and back to work. Talk to you more about it later.

❤ T

cliffnotes: Noelle plays well, Keenan and Trav were lucky enough to get 1/2 their buy-ins back. Nobu and Craftsteak are EXCELLENT restaurants out there worth every penny.

More details in the coming days.