While I was sitting at the Monday night $1/$2 NL game I found myself in good spirits having just doubled through with dogshit vs dogshit. Roughly three hands, maybe a round or two and three hands later, I find myself in the cut-off with Paul in the bb and Ali had already limped in two seats to my right.

I opened for $17. Button/sb folded, Paul called.

Do I need to tell you that Ali called?

I’ve got $273 in front, Paul covers, Ali is lacking.

They both check to me, I bet $35. Paul wastes little time calling, Ali is c/r’ing all-in before Kendrick even knew he was in the hand, and I said “min-raise” while Paul still had his fingers on the $35 call.

Paul didn’t quite hear me. Not sure if Kenny did, either. I asked how much Ali’s All-in was for, Kenny pulled in the $35 bets, said $65 more, I put out $130.

Paul didn’t instamuck.


Come on you dumbsonofabitch. Let’s gamble. I said aloud “Shove, if you hate money, Paul.”

Before I could get out the “-ove” his mind was made up. He went all-in, I instantly went all in as well. I don’t usually show, but this time I did. Ali had flopped a set of sevens… rather unfortunate. Paul had an overpair of dogballs (88) with a gut-shot draw.

Turn brick deuce, river tre. Ali thought his set held. I said “Uh-uh, Ship it. 3-4-5-6-7,” as I pointed to my previously tabled

As I was stacking up the pot I said, “Some idiot raised that shit pre-flop to $17.”

Blue‘s favorite hand is K5, the Blog kinda gives that away in the url.

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