Played the ‘stars $10 Single Rebuy/Single Add-on tourney last night using Keenan’s account. It was somewhat of a hail-mary. Had right around $50 in there when I signed up, and it takes $11 to buy-in, $10 more to rebuy, and another $10 to add-on.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to double-buy straight away or come in short and have a chance to recoup from a beat later…

My choice was made for me after I accidentally won my first hand. I then had over T$1500, and was no longer able to double-buy for a T$3K starting stack. Next thing I knew, I had around T$2,835 and was sailing smoothly. Earned those double chips without paying for them. But it wasn’t meant to last, I got brutalized town to near-nothingness on what I can’t even remember. I just know that one point I had around T$800 when the blinds were T$25/T$50, and I was looking to rebuy T$1500 more. I clicked the buttons, and it said $10 wasn’t available to reload. Rut-roh.

I quick got off the $0.10/$0.25 PL Omaha table I was thinking of playing, and then had the funds to add more chips.

The blinds were T$50/T$100 and we were closing in on the end of the first hour, end of rebuy period. If I could just hold out until the break, I could add-on and start a whole new tourny.

But also – if I only held on – I’d be sweating the entire tourney, just trying to squeeze out a double-up to make it to the next double-up… and that’s IF I held the best hand going in AND it held up.

So boring, these tournament things…

So fuck it, let’s gamble. I caught jsts on the button, and it was go time. Lemme see if I can’t find the hand history…

Notice that I dodged the hearts going to the river, too…

So anyway… Now I’ve got some fucking chips! This is just about the hand before the break, and hopefully by the time it starts up again, everyone else will forget how bad I play.

I’ve won a few pots, I’ve got a very healthy stack with about T$10,000 – I think I had just taken down the blinds a few times before this next oh-so-standard but oh so sweet hand…


Well, about as locked down as I can possibly get.

Next hand that stands out in my mind, I’ve got JJ and open in EP, sb Re-pops, but he’s committed. I could just call, but that’d leave me with about 5 big blinds, so I push (knowing he’s not folding, but I want to see all five cards and take the coin-flip). I was (hoping and praying and) pretty sure I was flipping, not a 4:1 dog against an over-pair. Small chance I was 4:1 favorite, but I wasn’t counting on that. He had AKo, Flop was KJTr, I dodged the gutterslut Queen for his broadway, and then I had just over T$50,000. Yummy.

There was one hand where I held two red fives UTG+1 and the blinds were T$4,000/T$8,000. I opened for $20K and guy on my left shipped it and dude across the table re-shippied it. I covered both players with roughly $108,000 in front if I fold. It was about $47,000 more to call, closing the action for the whole hand, with the pot sitting around $137K. Eh… Gambool.

Blap, five ball, door card. Sweet!

A35r, natch’ the board backs into a wheel. And of course, I was severely dominated pf by yacks and tens. I was actually saying “four!” going to the river when the deuce rolled off on the turn because I just didn’t want to see a jack or a ten. The JJ/TT guys were happy to catch a chop, and we moved on to the next hand. Of course I get 66 UTG and open-fold, too embarassed after that last hand.

Couple hands/rounds later, and I’m “short-stacked” with just over ten big blinds and I get JJ in the cut-off. And it folds around to me. Well… fuckshticks.

I know what’s gonna happen the second I see the yacks come out of the shoe. It’s gonna fold to me. I’m gonna play the hand, and run into a bigger hand in the only three remaining seats… button/sb/bb. Fuck ’em. If I push, they can’t outplay me, right!

The other night I busted out of the $3R because I held AQo in MP and opened for a raise ready to call-off my stack if anyone shoved and then Nelly reminded me that if I’m going to call a shove, I might as well shove myself with a “eh” hand like water.

water (noun) – in Hold’em poker, two hole cards of rank Ace and Queen are often referred to as “AQua” or, translated for the bilinguistically impaired as water.

So anyway, back to the yacks. Yeah, I open-shove for my “short” stack of T$120K with the blinds at $6K/$12K.

Yeah, I get re-raised all-in in two spots, sb and bb. Fuck!

Water, Cowboys, and Yacks… come one, Monkey!

Stole the tourney chip-lead with that suck-out.

Gave the chip-lead away a few hands later, but stayed strong until the final two tables.

For $31 in entry, I was already guaranteed $44 back by making the money, a total of $121 for making the final three tables. Over $221 by making the final two tables.

Final table move-up was a nice $120 or so bonus to $340ish.

Final two tables story to be continued.