One of my favorite books, Winning Low Limit Hold ‘Em, by Lee Jones has a quote that goes something along the lines of “Even maniacs get dealt pocket Kings.”

Ricky and I got into a big hand last night at Keenan and E‘s Mon Night $1/$2 NL.

Ricky’s response from his Blog:

P.S. Nice hand Trav I dont mind shipping it to you every now and then because I know you’ll give it back eventually. 😉 What the hell are you doing with a made hand anyway!

I’m sitting on a very healthy stack, roughly $750 or so, in the game for a single $300 buy-in. Been playing pretty tight all night, Ricky’s on my right. Limps to his cut-off. He just lost a few chips with pocket Jacks after much pre-flop action and an Ace AND Queen hit the flop. Ricky limps in, and I raise to $8 on my button.

Five of us take a flop, plus maybe $3-$5 in dead limping money is in the pot. Flop comes out and it checks to me. I bet $11, Ricky rides the wave of the future and check/calls.

Turn rolls off, and Ricky springs to life betting $27 into what has become roughly a $66 pot before his bet. Board reads   and I grab four greens and two white chips and pop his ass for $75 more.

Ricky says “I don’t think you have the Ace.” He looked like he might’ve been reaching for a le-laise. I’m just keeping my mouth shut, letting the chips do the talking. He opts to just call.

River is a psuedo brick. Broadway gets there, but no flush in either direction, and would’ve been a gutter ball draw. Ricky would have to have almost exactly or for me to really cry at showdown. Final board is something along the lines of    and Ricky leads out $150. Almost before he gets out the “ifty,” I say “Three Hundred.” I push out a $125 stack of red, and $200 stack of blue, pull back $25 of the red.

Now Ricky’s confused. Says something along the lines of “goddamnit Travis.”

He calls. I show him the David Sklansky, and say “set of Jacks.”

That was when all the bull shit started, but you can read about that from Ricky.